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Who is an ERP implementation consultant?

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ERP implementation consultant, who are they? Clear and specific definitions are essential so that when businesses implement ERP projects, businesses will accurately grasp what they do, advise as well as the skills they need to ensure. guarantee a successful ERP project? let's Johnson's Blog Find out in the following article.

Who is an ERP implementation consultant?

Implementation consultants are those who have a deep understanding of the information technology industry, especially the ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) - a multi-functional, multi-department management software solution to support business in operation and development. When it comes to ERP products, it is usually related to manufacturing companies.

Implementation consultants are those who know well what they are doing, accompany and stick with the business for a long time throughout the process of implementing and implementing ERP projects, specifically the phases. such as: consulting on the application of technology products, synthesizing and answering questions, controlling the software deployment process, training in use, updating data records, etc.

In addition to a deep understanding of the implementation ERP system, implementation consultants must also master the business processes of the businesses they are in charge of and stick with. From there, they can advise and share the right solutions for businesses at that time in a quality way.

It can be seen that an excellent consultant is required to possess full knowledge of the operations of each department, along with extensive management knowledge as well as practical experience in technology products. Thus, cooperation with new businesses can bring good results.


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Tasks and responsibilities of an ERP implementation consultant

Consultants are people who directly work with businesses to exchange information and offer the most suitable solution. They are the bridge between businesses and ERP software developers.

Therefore, the consultant must have the task of surveying in detail the business process and operation of the enterprise, studying the records, synthesizing documents, combined with his actual combat experience to be able to advise. and build appropriate functionality in the ERP system.

From there, the consultant continued to install the data on the ERP software and showed the enterprise the experimental demo. In particular, with ERP implementation projects that require customizing features, the implementation consultant is also the person who directly works, giving requirements to programmers to create appropriate and accurate features. best suited to the needs of the business.

In order for the cooperation process between the ERP software provider and the enterprise to go well, the consultant is also responsible for monitoring, monitoring and receiving feedback from the customer throughout the process. implemented or already put into use.

In the event of any malfunction or problem, they will have to coordinate and work directly with the technical department to find a solution to fix it quickly and efficiently.

In Vietnam, there have also been a number of limited companies, joint stock companies in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong that have spent a lot of resources investing in ERP implementation staff and also achieved many successes. achievements such as Viindoo, Topeerp, Trobz, ..

It can be seen that consultants are the key personnel who determine the progress and efficiency of the enterprise in the process of applying the ERP system.

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ERP implementation consulting

Tasks and responsibilities of ERP consultants and implementers

Skills required to become an ERP consultant

To become an ERP consultant, they themselves must equip themselves with important knowledge and skills such as:

In-depth understanding of ERP system

As those who directly implement ERP system implementation with businesses, the first and most important thing is to master ERP - enterprise resource planning. Specifically, ERP implementation staff need to understand clearly the operating methods of the business, with such characteristics, what is the solution that is suitable for the conditions and size of the business, etc.

In addition, from the perspective of experts and experienced people, they should give advice and solutions that are most suitable for their customers to meet the requirements in terms of cost, time, and human resources. still bring the best results for the business.

Good communication and consulting skills

After inheriting a huge amount of knowledge and skills in business administration and ERP systems, ERP implementation staff also need good communication and consulting skills. Because only with their own words, can ERP implementation staff share, analyze and convince customers to use the software. The requirement for agility and hard work is also a must-have for ERP implementation staff.

Presentation skills

An ERP implementation consultant will be the one to directly introduce and convince customers to use ERP software. In some cases, they will have to present in front of one person, two people but even hundreds, thousands of people.

Therefore, ERP implementation consultants must also possess the most impressive and convincing public presentation skills. If you want to convey and share useful information, features and benefits of the ERP system for businesses, they must be good "speakers".

Problem-solving skills

The process of implementing ERP systems for businesses will inevitably encounter problems. Therefore, right at the time of initial cooperation, ERP implementation staff need to monitor, supervise and solve problems thoroughly and appropriately as soon as customers have problems.

Consulting and implementing ERP is a profession that is ahead of the current trend in software technology. However, when pursuing this career, it is required to withstand high pressure, be eager to learn, persevere, be skillful and cultivate knowledge and skills regularly to suit all customers. If you are passionate about ERP, don't miss the opportunity to become an excellent ERP implementer!

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