What is Production Management (QMS)?

Find out what production managers do? 

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For businesses currently working in the field of production combined with trade, the management of production lines is a very important issue. Since then, the position of production operator was born and plays an indispensable role in the business. That's why many of you will be curious about it What do production managers do?? Please follow the article below of Johnson's Blog for more information.

Calculating cost by volume of work
General introduction of production managers

General introduction of production managers 

To learn more about Production manager position, you will need to understand some of the following concepts.

What is production management?

Production is through the processes of transforming input materials to create the final product and deliver the product to the market. From there you can understand that production manager is to manage this process.

Production operation management will be one of the most important stages within the scope of business activities. Especially businesses that have physical facilities such as workshops, factories or factories.

How are production operations managers understood?

From the above concept, you can understand that production manager are the people who will perform and participate directly in the production process of the enterprise. They will perform work related to construction, supervise the production and operation process of products.

Production operation managers will have to ensure the elements of product quality, optimize production costs for businesses. Therefore, this position also plays an important role in helping businesses achieve the desired level of revenue and profit.

What is a production manager?
How are production managers understood?

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So should you be a production manager or not?

To determine whether you should be a production operations manager or not, you will need to evaluate based on many factors. From factors such as your own needs for this position, how is the reality of the production manager position, what is the salary, what is your ability, etc. Specifically, it will be:

What is the job of a production line manager?

Although each business will have a different production management process, in general, production managers will have the following specific tasks and tasks:

First, will receive orders for products and develop plans related to the implementation of the production process for products.

Second, recruit and train employees on the product manufacturing process in accordance with the regulations of their business.

Third, research and learn about issues related to production, renovation, upgrading, etc. of products. You can also consult the above leaders to learn about these issues.

What is the average salary of a production manager?
What is the job of a production manager?

Fourth, you will be directly involved in the organization and operation of all stages of the production process.

Fifth, will ensure the production of products in accordance with relevant standards in terms of technology, quantity as well as schedule.

Sixth, you will observe as well as evaluate the capacity of each employee under your management.

Finally, will develop and create reports related to the production process for submission or submission to senior managers.

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What are the requirements for a production operations manager?

To become a production staff manager you will need to meet some requirements such as:

Experience in production, supervision and production line management is required.

Having graduated from a bachelor's, college, ... majors related to management or production technology will be an advantage.

Have the necessary skills related to project management, analysis along with information statistics.

Experience or knowledge related to the industry in which the business is operating.

Some other soft skills such as: communication skills, ability to plan, organize work, skills in using technology software or production support tools, etc.

Objectives of production management
What are the requirements for a production manager?

What is the salary of an employee in the production line?

Present, average salary of production managers will depend on many objective factors such as individual capacity, production scale and business scale of the enterprise, etc.

You can refer to the average salary of the production staff position according to the following statistics:

The lowest salary will be from 6,000,000 to 10,000,000 VND/month.

The average salary is about 12,000,000 VND/month.

Popular salary ranges from 11,000,000 to 14,000,000 VND/month.

Highest salary: 23,000,000 VND/month.

However, there will be more favored production management positions, requiring more specialized skills and income levels will also be much higher such as:

The position of quality production manager with the average salary will be about 35,600,000 VND/month.

The position of deputy production manager will have an average salary of about 25,500,000 VND/month.

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The above is a brief article on relevant information about What do production managers do?. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Johnson's Blog for more info!


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