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What is email marketing? How do you build an effective email marketing?

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As you may already know, Email marketing is considered an effective tool for businesses to reach customers. Not only does it stop at interacting and retaining old customers, but it is also an effective advertising tool for products, services, and promotions to potential customers. So What is email marketing? How do you build effective email marketing? In this article, Johnson's Blog will share basic information that you need to know before doing this form of marketing.

What do you know about Email marketing?
What do you know about Email marketing?

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is understood as a form of using email (e-mail) to convey information about sales, marketing, and product introduction to potential customers of the business. 

Email marketing is marketing strategy very high efficiency. According to some famous newspapers, up to 82% marketers agree this is the main strategy to increase conversion rate and lead rate. In addition to sending sales notifications and maintaining relationships with target, email marketing also helps you send ads or calls to action or send blog news to customers.

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How to build effective email marketing?

To Building effective email marketing You need to follow these steps: 

Step 1: Build an email list of quality customers

To send emails to customers, you must first have their email list. And there are several ways to build this email list of prospects including:

Method 1: Create a registration form to receive information on your website. 

Method 2: You will aggregate the customer information you currently have. 

Method 3: Ask customers to leave information and email to support care services.

Method 4: Find and buy quality customer email lists.

Build an email list of quality customers
Build an email list of quality customers

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Step 2: Deploy email content to send to customers

To be more effective than mass emails and not follow the rules, email marketing templates need to understand the goal and have clear directions.

Therefore, to create email content that reaches customers, you should do the following tasks:

First, you should segment your email lists differently based on industry, contact behavior, or demographics. This will make it easier for you to tailor the content of each email to the specific audience you're sending it to.

Next, you should use automated emails to engage your users with the right message, at the right time.

Finally, you should personalize your email by adding the recipient's name in the salutation or subject line before sending it to them.

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Step 3: Create a detailed campaign

Here are the steps you need to prepare and check to get the most effective campaign:

First: Clearly define your goals. 

Second: Decide who should send the email. 

Third: Reach out with a strong subject and set up previews to drive recipients to open your email marketing.

Use a simple Email marketing design template
Use a simple Email marketing design template

Finally: Design your email professionally so that the reader is satisfied with both the content and the visual elements.

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Step 4: Use a simple Email marketing design template

You should not design an email marketing interface that is too complicated, so it's both time-consuming and ineffective, making the recipient feel confused and uncomfortable. Make your emails simple by using text more than photos. 

In addition, you can use links to insert images into emails or use design techniques to get recipients to focus on the highlights that you want them to notice.

Step 5: Track the performance of your email marketing

The next step you need to take is to track the performance of your campaign. Factors to monitor for performance will include:

Factor 1: Record key email statistics to set benchmarks and detect any outliers. Make sure you compare and record your campaign against your original goals.

Factor 2: Once you have enough data, compare performance between different campaigns to find the best time and frequency to send emails for your business.

Factor 3: Test different elements of your campaigns to discover what works and improve your metrics.

Step 6: Check the Database list

Check the list of Databases
Check the list of Databases

The last thing you need to do is review and filter your database list to remove potential data to save time and money for the following campaigns. 

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Although the reading rate email marketing in Vietnam is very low, but email marketing is still a potential promotion channel that you should test and exploit. The above article is all the information that Johnson's Blog Exploited about Email marketing. Follow us for more latest updates.


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