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What does Business Administration do?

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Currently, when people's intellectual level is increasing, people tend to develop in the direction of management. In which the business administration major is the top priority for students. So What does business administration do and why should you study business administration? Let's Johnson's Blog Find the answer in this article. 

General information about the business administration industry

Corporate governance is a specialized discipline in the field of business administration. Students who choose this major to study will gain extensive and in-depth knowledge about organizations, as well as how to run and manage business activities in organizations and businesses. It is required to know human resource management as well as to have some necessary skills in the process of job management. 

Upon graduation with a major in business administration, students will be fully equipped with the knowledge and capabilities to set up and run a business.

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The knowledge provided in the field of business administration

Questions about what I learned in business administration This is something that young people are quite interested in. With the undergraduate level of this major, you will be provided with the knowledge from basic to in-depth of subjects in business administration. 

In addition, students will also be supplemented with teaching programs that integrate a variety of soft skills, necessary practical skills such as teamwork skills, communication skills, assessment skills, problem solving skills, etc.

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What do you do when you graduate with a major in business administration?

In the trend of deepening economic integration in the current era, many domestic and foreign enterprises or joint venture companies are developing rapidly. This is a favorable opportunity to help create countless job opportunities for students majoring in business administration, suitable candidates for this industry can be mentioned as:

  • Having enough knowledge and ability to set up and run a business on their own.
  • Employees in business departments of enterprises.
  • Become an expert of finance departments, sales departments, Marketing departments or administrative departments, supporting business transactions.
  • Bringing good promotion opportunities, can take the position of department head, sales director, financial director of organizations, companies, corporations both domestically and internationally.
  • They can work as lecturers and researchers at universities, colleges, and professional schools specializing in business administration.
  • ….

The business administration industry is currently considered a very attractive industry for young people, so what is its real attraction and why should you choose to follow the business administration industry?

Why should you choose to study business administration?

The first thing we have to mention is future job opportunities after students graduate and graduate. With the business administration major, students will always be in the top industries with high job opportunities when studying, thanks to the variety of fields in which students are trained during their studies in Business Administration. career, it will give students after graduation a lot of career opportunities with potential for future development.

If you want to start your own business, studying business administration is also a necessary choice. When you follow this industry, you will receive a full training process for skills from foundation to advanced in starting and running a business. After graduation, you are fully qualified to set up your own company and start your own business.

The potential for good growth in work as well as the ability to comprehensively develop skills is also a promise from the business administration major. The demand for human resources in the corporate governance group is always at a very high level in both quantity and quality. Along with that, the industry's learning and working environment is very dynamic and suitable for those who aspire to work in a competitive environment to promote their potential. 

Recruiters of management group always looking for qualified human resources who can help solve management problems optimally and facilitate the development of their business. Therefore, if you possess a high level of expertise, are creative and have a clear strategic direction… then this will be a great opportunity for you to advance to high positions in the company. company.

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Above are detailed information about the business administration industry, it is considered a profession with great potential in the future that you should consider. If you have any questions about this, you can contact Johnson's Blog via Hotline: +842257309838 for exact advice.


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