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The role of vision and mission for businesses today

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Organizations and businesses that want to achieve their goals and objectives need to set a vision and mission. So specifically vision and mission What is enterprise's? What role do these factors play in the business? Johnson's Blog Find out through the article below.

What is the vision?
What is the vision?

What is the vision?

Vision (Vision) is a statement of a company or business in which it expresses what the company wants to achieve in the future. Specifically, the vision will show the long-term goals of the business, with a roadmap from 5 to 10 years or longer.

Vision statements are entirely applicable to the company as a whole or to a part or department within the company. In which all or parts of the organization will have a vision statement that answers the question of where we want to go.

The meaning of the vision is the reason for the existence of an organization, this is the oriented picture of the results that the business needs to achieve and the goals that the business needs to achieve. Vision will guide behavior and decision making.

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What is the mission?

Mission (Mission) is a summary of an organization's value categories. The mission is about who the business serves and how it does it every day.

Unlike the vision, the mission will reflect every aspect of the company, from employees, partners, products, services, technology, quality, etc.

Vision and mission statement of a company, the enterprise will also have certain changes and adjustments to reflect the culture of the enterprise from time to time.

What is the mission?
What is the mission?

This is also the basis for creating companionship, solidarity and service for a long time, raising the brand of the enterprise to a new height, developing in parallel with the market economy and society.

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The role of vision and mission for the business

Vision and mission are both important factors to the growth of the company no matter how big or small the company is. Specifically, role of mission and vision in the business must be mentioned as follows:

  • Vision and mission maxims will guide organizations, define purpose and instill a sense of corporate identity and culture. This helps employees orient their development path, work hard to achieve the goals in the business.
  • Mission statements will help businesses determine the right direction for themselves based on the vision.
  • Vision and mission will be the basis for business managers to organize and arrange existing resources effectively and optimally to bring the most success in the future.
  • Vision and mission statements help bring people together in an organization. Therefore, everyone needs to work towards a single purpose, ensuring the best labor productivity and efficiency.
The role of vision and mission for the business
The role of vision and mission for the business

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How to create a vision and mission statement in your business

Vision statement creation

A meaningful vision statement should describe the entirety of what you want your business to become in the future. In particular, the way to create vision statements should be based on the following factors:

  • Inspirational: It should be aspirational and inspiring.
  • How to do it: The vision should be as short and concise as possible and not explain how to achieve it.
  • Ask yourself: As you develop a vision for your business, you can ask yourself the following questions:
    • What's unique about your brand?
    • How customers describe your brand.
    • Where do you want your company to be in 5 years, 10 years and longer?

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How to create a mission statement

A mission statement defines the company's purpose. Keep the following in mind as you create your mission statement:

Vision statement creation
Vision statement creation
  • Simplicity: It should be simple, easy to understand, clear.
  • Motivation: Mission to motivate employees and customers.
  • Purpose: The mission statement describes the overall purpose of the organization.
  • Ask yourself: As you craft your mission statement, you can ask yourself questions like
    • What is the market need that the company can address?
    • What does the company do to address this need?
    • Why do customers buy from you and not your competitors?

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Here is some information about vision and mission of the business Johnson's Blog would like to introduce to you. Do not forget to update more useful information through the next articles on our homepage!


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