Discover TOP 5 free, best sales management software today

Discover the TOP 6 best sales management software today

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With the support of technology, software and machines, people have reduced many burdens at work. Especially in the business field, the development of sales software has helped small businesses, retailers, shop owners, cafes a lot in human resource management, revenue .... Let's Johnson's Blog find out Top 6 Sales management software, the best today through the article below!

What is Sales Management Software?

What is Sales Management Software?
What is Sales Management Software?

Sales management software is understood as a software, application, tool developed to help and support a certain group of objects such as sales people to effectively manage businesses and stores. 

This software is also designed to help track transactions during sales, help employees manage contacts, orders, manage work productivity, inventory. On the contrary, for business owners, this software will help managers track and reasonably schedule activities for maximum capacity and efficiency.

Benefits of sales management software

Benefits of sales management software
Benefits of sales management software

Some benefits of point of sale software:

  • Save time: using this software, business owners, shop owners do not spend much time and effort for manual sales management.
  • Working efficiency is maximized: the workload is controlled and calculated so that employees can do the highest efficiency in the most optimal time. 
  • Standard sales process: with the sales process established by the software, errors in the implementation process will be limited. 
  • Having a competitive advantage over competitors: applying technology is the current trend and if applied to the business model, the business will develop faster and always satisfy customers.

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Top 6 selling software right on the phone

Top 5 free sales management software right on your phone
Top 5 free sales management software right on your phone

Viindoo POS

Viindoo POS is the retail software in the complete ecosystem of Business Administration Software Viindoo. Viindoo POS application is based on a smart interface that can be used by everyone. POS can be used online or offline with Android tablets, iPads, laptops… with the following main features:

  • Manage sales orders at POS
  • Product Management
  • Customer management
  • Employee Management at POS
  • Store fund management
  • Promotions and discounts

>>>Download the Viindoo POS software source code at: Github

Viindoo Business Administration Software - Sales Management Software
Business Administration Software Viindoo

Loyverse POS 

Loyverse POS is a free software and is used by retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants to help manage employees, track sales, sales without a cash register.

With Loyverse POS, you can use it for free on your phone, or computer and can connect to a printer to issue invoices, view sales history, analyze sales revenue, and manage inventory.

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Similar to Loyverse POS, Sapo is gradually becoming one of the easiest software to implement. There, the application will provide business data to eliminate unnecessary risks and errors during operation. 

Sapo is integrated with many users, many shipping units at any time, anywhere and can compare suitable shipping methods and compare shipping costs so that users can make the best decision. At Sapo, users can connect to Fanpage to manage and increase sales performance. 

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If software like Sapo can connect anytime, anywhere but need the support of the internet, with KiotViet you do not need to use the network. 

This is also a special point and is considered the most superior of KiotViet and is loved by users because not everywhere has wifi and not everyone's phone is ready to have the network. 

After the data is loaded and saved into the software, it will be synchronized as soon as it is reconnected to the mobile network or wifi, so it is very convenient.

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Many users also use PosApp as a free sales management tool right on their phones. The reason is probably because PosApp can manage a variety of items, industries and store information well. Another favorite point is that PosApp's interface and colors are very eye-catching and scored high in the eyes of users in the 5 applications in the article. 

Besides, PosApp also supports more advanced and convenient features so that users can manage their stores better. For example, some utilities of PosApp such as cancellation notice, payment, order ...

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For those who are conducting business in some specific fields such as retail stores, cafes, restaurants, karaoke bars, .. POS365.VN is the first choice. This software also has a tool specifically set up to bill customers for karaoke. In addition, some of the features that are considered preeminent of the application are to move tables, send menus to the kitchen, and manage business status.

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Here are the Top 6 Sales management software Free right on the phone. Hopefully the information that Johnson's Blog share will be useful to you. Follow us to continue reading other interesting articles. 

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