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Top 5 best business management books

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Corporate governance This is a problem that any manager needs to understand, understand and know how to do, this is the decisive factor to the success of each business. Down here, Johnson's Blog Please give the top 5 books business administration books The best way to help you have more knowledge as well as a new approach to this issue.

A life of administration – Phan Van Truong business administration book

GS. Phan Van Truong is one of the rare people who writes books about his own life journey. It is precisely he records his most quintessential experiences as a Vietnamese businessman of international stature. He used to lead a large corporation with a scale of over hundreds of countries, tens of thousands of employees from all over the world with revenue of over 70 billion USD per year.

Therefore, through this book, we will have the most honest and accurate view of this businessman's life, journey and favorite things.

Specifically, through this book, people will learn how to effectively organize, lead, manage and operate a business, scientifically how to build a strong business, long live.

In addition, this book also brings two biggest differences, which are practical lessons learned from international entrepreneurs. Through that, we also learn how to behave, make macro decisions but still have strong national identity.

In particular, the stories that Professor recounts are all true stories that happened in his own life.

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The Management Handbook – Linda A.Hill business administration book

The path from an excellent employee to an outstanding and talented business manager is not simple and smooth because few people can think to overcome difficulties or fully understand the lessons. , virtues and skills required of a good manager. Therefore, "Management Handbook" will be the key to help you solve this problem.

This book will point out the difficult problems that business managers are facing, and at the same time help readers understand to become a good manager, what conditions they need, information What policies, what resources should be based on, what qualities and experiences are needed?…

"Management Handbook" is a secret containing many lessons for young managers or those with ideals to strive for excellence, and also opens a new perspective for leaders and managers. current reason.

This book presents a different view in management positions, going from basic mistakes, challenges to success, a complete picture of the process of learning, accumulating experience to become successful. become a good manager will be opened before the readers' eyes.

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Read anyone – Apply in business – Dr. David J. Lieberman business administration book

Most of the books books on business management experience Every business or business offers advice to readers, instructions on how to overcome difficulties, challenges, how to cope with mistakes or how to make wise decisions and even plan for failure.

These tips never stop working, but today we need more factors than that, especially, understanding people, because people are the center, corporate governance is people management.

Many books have covered issues related to people management such as employee morale or how to impress customers, but have not really exploited the strength of people at will.

"Reading anyone" is an effective solution to this problem, the book provides readers with ways and tools to gradually build strategies to develop people, grasp the psychology of people. people to maximize the endless inspiration inside people.

This book is not about sophisticated tricks or tips but is really capable of giving managers great tools to influence human behavior, to manage people more effectively.

Businesses of the 21st Century – Many Authors business administration book

This is a famous book by author Robert T. Kiyosaki, owner of the book series "Teaching children to get rich". In this book, the author will show you the full definition, exactly what a business is, the reasons you need to build your own business and how to change yourself so that it get the best development model.

In addition, through the close sharing of Robert T. Kiyosaki, you will learn how to determine exactly what you need, what your business needs to grow.

Strategic Management – Revelation and Business Situations – Fred R. David business administration book

Strategic management for businesses needs to be applied comprehensively and implemented synchronously. In order to effectively manage strategies, enterprises must determine their direction in the short and long term.

At the same time, enterprises need to be proactive and agile in catching trends, and actively adjust their business and financial strategies to match fluctuations in the international environment.

This book will help businesses do that thanks to lessons from situations in strategic management of world-famous companies and corporations such as P&G, Coca-Cola, Apple, etc. a novel perspective, insightful analysis and the most practical approach.

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Here are some tops Best business management book but Johnson's Blog would like to introduce to you. Hopefully through our suggestions, you will find the most suitable and favorite book.


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