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What is Model 5a?

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Model 5a is a modern model to help businesses build marketing strategy to develop the brand in a time of strong economic development like today. In the article below, let's Johnson's Blog What are the benefits of learning about the 5a model?

Why should businesses apply 5A model in Marketing?
Why should businesses apply 5A model in Marketing?

Why should businesses apply 5a model in marketing?

Model 5a in marketing have a great impact on the marketing and sales process of the business, helping to improve the brand promotion of the business. The Internet has provided more information to customers before they make a decision, which helps shape the learning phase of all customer journeys in the digital age.

When marketers apply this model to capture the consumption trends of modern buyers, more in phase of the 5A . model It also helps businesses understand and act and approach customers accordingly to promote conversion rates as quickly as possible.

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Learn about the stages of the 5a model

Aware stage – recognize the need

With the need recognition stage as the first stage, customers can realize what their current needs are and start looking for solutions. Usually, customers can reach you through communication channels, advertising, introduced from relatives and friends.

During this period, businesses need to focus on Branding to be able to compete with the competitor. Because when a need arises, customers will have the need to search for brands that they already know to find information.

The aware phase - recognize the need
The aware stage – recognize the need

Besides, the Branding of the business in the customer's mind will attract and interest customers. At that time, businesses decide to act in the next steps, the messages that businesses want to convey will also quickly reach potential customers.

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Appeal stage – need

Businesses should leave an impression on customers in order to gain a spot on their list of potential suppliers.

The mission of these businesses is to promote advertising activities, seminars or promotions. 

Ask stage – find out

In the research phase, customers will actively seek information about the brand. Customers can not only search for information online, but also go to the stores themselves to learn and refer to products, refer to sellers, friends, even while viewing at the store. 

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Action phase – action

Satisfied with the information found, the consumer will finally make a purchase decision. This experience process will be positively evaluated by customers because they have a significant influence on the rate of customers returning to buy, the brand's reputation level and the ability to develop and expand the business scale. of the enterprise.

Action phase - action
Action phase – action

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Advocate stage – support

The final stage of this 5a model is by meeting the needs to satisfy the customer. To achieve this, businesses need to interact regularly with customers on social networking sites or use email remarketing to bring the most attractive offers and set up customer service. Good customer care from before to after a customer buys a product is a very important factor.

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A few notes when building a 5a model in marketing

The goal of the customer journey is to create customers and transform them from those who simply have a driving curiosity into buyers and leads. To do that, a marketer needs to understand how operation and operation of model 5a

Because over time, the views and shopping needs of customers will also change, at this time businesses will need to always update and change the marketing strategy to keep up with customer behavior.

This helps to improve the gaps in the operation and conversion of potential customers. If in the old B2B model, when put into operation, there will be the participation of many parties, making the purchase decision of customers will also become much more complicated.

This has been fixed and businesses have improved to help deploying the 5A . model so that it is seamless and touches the emotions and meets and satisfies the requirements of customers.

A few notes when building a 5A model in marketing
A few notes when building a 5A model in marketing

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above article, Johnson's Blog introduced readers to model 5a marketing and the benefits when businesses apply this model in marketing and business. Also indicate the stages of its development.


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