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Quality management and quality management principles

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Quality management not only dissecting top strategic issues but also related to the existence of organizations in the market. Every one trademark Famous brands will have different strategies to be able to develop and maintain their position in the market by enhancing and improving the quality of their own products and services. The following post by Johnson's Blog Will share with you more information on this issue. 

What is quality management?
What is quality management?

Quality management concept 

What is quality management? Quality management is a set of coordinated activities that can direct and control quality for an organization. 

These activities will typically include policy formulation, quality objectives, quality planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement. 

Quality management is now applied not only in production but also in all fields and in all types of organizations of all sizes. 

Management quality starts from directional activities and manifests itself in many different forms such as formulating the mission of the strategy, formulating policies, setting goals, building a vision. . 

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Principles of quality management

In every job, it is necessary to follow the rules, and principles of quality management will include: 



Businesses depend heavily on their customers, and for that, a business will need to understand the needs of customers at all times. In order to be able to meet and improve the quality more than the expectations of customers. 

Product quality of a business will have to be customer-oriented. Businesses are responsible for producing and selling what customers need, not what the business currently has. 

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The role of the leader

Leadership will establish unity and synchronicity between the lines and goals of an enterprise. Leaders will need to create and maintain the internal environment within the organization to be able to fully engage people in achieving the organization's stated goals. 

Everyone's participation

People are always a very important human resource of an enterprise and full participation with their insights and experiences will be very beneficial for the whole business. 

Quality management process and quality improvement will require the participation of all members at all levels of the enterprise. 

Human resources will need to be properly recognized for their capabilities and empowered to make decisions to be able to work more effectively. 

Process approach
Process approach

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Process approach

Product quality will need to be managed with a clear and scientific process to achieve the best effect. This will mean that businesses need to have comprehensive management of the processes in a quality control activity right from the point of entry, right through to the finished product. 

The purpose of this will be to ensure consistent quality in each process, meeting the target as intended. 

Continuously improved

In the context that the world is constantly changing every hour, quality improvement will always be necessary. 

Quality will be customer-oriented, and customer needs will always change according to market trends. To have innovation and improved quality, businesses will have to make continuous improvement every day.

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Data-driven decisions 

All decisions and actions of a quality management system to be effective must be based on data and information. Businesses will likely need software applications to analyze data. 

Beneficial partnership with suppliers

Enterprises and suppliers will depend on each other for growth, and the reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationship will enhance the capabilities and value of both partners. 

Beneficial partnership with suppliers
Beneficial partnership with suppliers

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Quality is an important factor that creates a competitive advantage of a business among countless businesses competitor on the market. To be able to manage quality effectively, businesses will need to creatively apply methods to manage and improve the quality of services and products. If you are looking for a Quality management software or want to learn about business management software, please come to Johnson's Blog for specific advice.

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