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What is Purchasing Management? Top 5 most effective purchasing management software

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For businesses, business operations management is a process that cannot be ignored. Not only requires strict control in production, both input and output activities are extremely important. To do this, purchasing management is the most talked about process. Whether it is a small and medium-sized enterprise or a large enterprise, this process is extremely complicated. So what is purchase management ? What is the best management software? Let's find out at Johnson's Blog now.

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What is Purchasing Management?

What is Purchasing Management?

In the operation chain of an enterprise or business establishment, purchasing is the first step, directly connecting with input materials to conduct production. Buying with a business is not just like when we buy and sell a product every day.

  • With input: Purchasing in an enterprise needs to ensure a lot of factors from quantity, quality, price to supply time requirements so that it is complete, timely and synchronous.
  • With Output: Purchase at the output of customer activity only. Control this activity to record the quantity, revenue as well as the amount of inventory to balance production activities.

With such a complex nature, businesses cannot do it simply. That's why purchasing management is essential. What is Purchasing Management? Management or purchasing management (Purchasing Management) is a process that not only helps a company control costs and maximize profits, but also is a tool to increase competitiveness in the market. 

Duties of the purchasing management process

It would seem a bit difficult to visualize just reading through the theory. Here are a few typical duties of a person in a purchasing manager position:

  • Develop purchasing policies, purchasing processes, and forms to use at work.
  • Make purchases for the company to bring the best value such as buying the right requirements (description - specification, quantity, quality), right time - right time, right value.
  • Dispatching goods to users as required or storing and managing goods in the warehouse.
  • Manage suppliers so that they fulfill their commitments to the company in the purchasing process (manufacturing or subcontracting or importing from elsewhere, delivery, contract performance, payment, return if mistakes are made) ...).
Duties of the purchasing management process
Duties of the purchasing management process

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Top 5 free purchase management software

With the context of digital economic integration and the profound influence of the industrial revolution 4.0, now, the management process has been much more optimized through supporting applications. Here are the top 5 free purchase management software that readers should refer to.

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Dantrisoft software

Dantrisoft is a Free purchasing management software trusted by many people. The software provides a diversified product management portfolio, an online and offline business processing system, a price list list, a discount management function, sales reports, promotions and customer information, etc.

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Software VZSoft

VZSoft software is an organization that provides free purchasing management software with a variety of industries from fashion, beauty, electronics... This software is highly appreciated for its ability to store information for management purposes. sales management, warehouse management, revenue and expenditure management, debtors, order management, promotion management... flexible in each field.

Software VZSoft
Software VZSoft

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Toko Tech software

Similar to the two options above, Toko Tech software is also a free management software, built to help control warehouse management activities, point of sale management, delivery management, etc. information and report output flexibly.

In particular, the software has an extremely simple and elegant interface, intelligent design in horizontal format, making the process of viewing and reading data quickly and significantly optimized.

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Software SUNO

SUNO sales management software helps owners manage all aspects of their business from invoicing, stock management, money management, customer service to analysis results. Selling is easy and suitable even for those who are not so good at using computer tools. 

Some outstanding features of SUNO can be mentioned as:

  • Manage warehouse operations in a single user interface.
  • Allows users to manage detailed goods by item code, import goods information from excel files, the Web or old management software, print barcodes, print stamps, classify goods by category, manage import and export …
  • The software supports multiple platforms from computers, phones to other devices such as barcode printers, stamp printers.

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Software Abatoba

Software Abatoba
Software Abatoba

Last but not least is Abatoba. This is the software that brings Sales management solution including modules for synchronizing goods data with Web and mobile apps, processing and managing orders centrally in business software, all orders from Website and app are pushed to sales and notification software to your mobile device.

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