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Who is a production manager? Detailed Job Description

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You must have heard of it production manager many times, but do not know how specific this work? High or low average income is also a matter of concern to many readers before applying for this position. To help readers easily visualize, Johnson's Blog Share useful information about this position in the following article. 

What is a production manager?
What is a production manager?

Who is a production manager?

Production manager position is a job title, referring to individuals who will be directly involved in the production management process. This process is associated with tasks such as planning, operating, and monitoring the production processes of goods.

Objectives of production managers is committed to cost-effective production quality, quality and quantity according to the requirements of products and goods.

In every business, this position is not the same, it depends on each size and specific and unique production system. Therefore, when it comes to the work of this position, you will feel the inclusivity and diversity within.

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Job Description of Production Manager

Although there is no standard on the duties for production managers. But in general, when it comes to this position, it will include the following duties and responsibilities:

  • The first is to receive and research orders to directly build a plan and deploy the production process of products and goods.
Job Description of Production Manager
Job Description of Production Manager
  • Secondly, continue to research, learn, participate in consulting and consulting with superiors in matters of renovating, refining, changing, restructuring the organizational apparatus, ... of methods and models. form, stages in production management.
  • Third, directly organize and operate each stage in the production process. Always ensure the production in accordance with the technological process, on schedule as required by the order in terms of quality and quantity for the final product.
  • Fourth, responsible for all assets in the production department.
  • Fifth, overall observation, assessment of capacity and effectiveness in the working process of subordinate staff. Issues of subordinate staff are received and handled, improving the construction, recruitment and training of new personnel.
  • Sixth, the most detailed summary report on production activities in the department and submit it or present it directly to the production manager.
  • Saturday, perform a number of other tasks unexpectedly assigned by superiors, ...

What is the average salary of a production manager?

With an objective perspective, the workload of production manager position Quite large and heavy. But often work in the environment and space mainly in the workshops, etc. It can be said that working in this position is only suitable for those who have expertise plus expertise and capacity and attitude to work. high responsibility.

According to the statistics of the job vacancies for production management positions in enterprises, this job requires a minimum of 2 years of experience. In addition to meeting the full range of expertise, skills such as organization, implementation, planning and leadership are also essential.

What is the average salary of a production manager?
What is the average salary of a production manager?

As for production manager salary Current prevalence ranges from 12 to 17 million. The opportunity to receive that average salary is 15 million / month. 

At foreign enterprises, if you have good and fluent English capital, the income can be from 30 million VND or more.

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Requirements for the skills of a production manager

Planning and Organizing

With production activities as mentioned above, it needs to be planned completely, scientifically and logically. That is the job of the production managers, without this skill they would not be able to do.

Monitoring and tracking skills

The varied duties of the job require them to hone their monitoring and supervision skills. Regularly follow the production processes, look at the process as a whole.

In particular, it is also necessary to pay attention to very small production details. Detail, meticulousness, perfectionism is a quality required in general managers.

The more important note is production management - the field of product launch that is directly related to the survival of the company and business.

Monitoring and tracking skills
Monitoring and tracking skills

Communication skills

Communication skills are an important factor, required in every position. With a production manager, this can promote your voice, convey your ideas and requirements to the individuals working around you.

It's not just production workers, production managers, but also your customers and the board of directors.

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Above is a brief article about the location production manager, hope with useful information to be Johnson's Blog That sharing helps you understand more about this position. However, you also need to refer to other relevant information to choose the most suitable job for you!


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