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The most complete production manager job description you may not know

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Surely many people are still confused about production manager job description. So let's go together Johnson's Blog Learn about what production management is, the goals, methods and main tasks of production management through the article below.

production manager jobs
Proper understanding of production management

Proper understanding of production management 

What is production management?

Production management in a business plays a very important role in the production and business activities. This work is often associated with the operation of a factory, production enterprise or factory. 

Production management job plays a major role and in which the work is directly involved in the inspection, planning and monitoring of the production process. Because it is necessary to ensure that the goods in the working process will be guaranteed on time, the quantity as well as the quality standards set by the company according to the previous production plan. 

Objectives of production management

  • Maintain and establish the competitive advantage of the business. 
  • Performing well the production with the aim of providing the right products to customers with the set quality standards and quantity requirements. 
  • Respond to product needs and to achieve high flexibility in response to customers. 
  • Meeting customer needs in the process of creating products. 

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Effective production management method for businesses

Applied in businesses with 3 production management method most commonly applied. 

What is Production Management (QMS)?
Chain organization method

Chain organization method

Production line management is divided into steps and large work pieces will be broken down to form a reasonable work sequence to meet process production requirements. 

Because each department will perform a different function and job, each department will be equipped and provided with different machines and equipment to suit the nature of the job. Thanks to this method, the working process of all parts will be operated in a reasonable mode. 

Group production method

Group production method are made according to the same manufacturing process, with the same technology, tools and machines designed for the group. With this requirement, this group must conform to the pre-selected details and must be compatible with each other. 

Single method

Single method used in the process of organizing the processing and production of single products to serve with small orders. When businesses or enterprises use this method, common tasks will need to be done in sync with each other, not needing to program technology for individual products. 

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Production Manager Job Description

Merchandise production management
Analysis, planning and operation management, production management

Analysis, planning and operation management, production management

  • Plan to analyze orders with the customer's sales department. 
  • Directly negotiate and close with customers on production time and product quality. 
  • Plan production schedule based on business and customer needs. 
  • Prepare materials and equipment for each order to ensure continuous operation of the production process. 
  • Plan work on schedule and meet quality standards within the financial framework. 
  • Plan for new orders and backlogs. 

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Inspection and supervision of production activities

  • Directing orders and making adjustments as necessary for planning and assigning each job to departments, especially supervised by department heads. 
  • Construction, supplement and production instructions. 
  • For workers in the departments that need to monitor the production process
  • When the product is defective, it should be detected promptly. 
  • Daily production activities need to ensure safety. 
  • Production or process progress needs to be meticulously monitored. 

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Managing the company's production machinery and equipment  

  • Maintenance of machinery and equipment in production also needs to be organized and planned specifically. 
  • Buying new machinery or equipment also needs to be planned and given to superiors for approval to match production needs. 
  • Along with that, it is necessary to have a combination of instructions on how to use machines and technical means for employees of the technical department. 
Methods commonly used in business management
Managing the company's production machinery and equipment

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Personnel management, recruitment and training 

  • Arrange and organize for staff in that field a specific plan to conduct the skills assessment. 
  • According to the job requirements of the company, it is necessary to select candidates who meet that requirement well. 
  • Plan and implement to evaluate, train new employees for each employee's ability or train potential people later. 

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Here is the content of the article about production manager job description, hopefully with some information that Johnson's Blog provided will help readers have more knowledge to serve their business management work. 


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