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Top effective production management tools today

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Today, most businesses and manufacturing companies attach great importance to management because this is a direct decisive factor to the revenue, profit as well as the reputation of the business in the market. Today,  Johnson's Blog will introduce you to the top production management tools effective today. Let's discover together now! 

Viindoo production line management software
Viindoo management tool

Top effective production management tools today

Currently, in the production and business process, many problems often arise when the establishment does not know how to manage effectively. In order to minimize these situations, we will introduce to you the top Effective production management tool used by many institutions today. 

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Viindoo management tool

Viindoo production management tool was born to support businesses that are having problems managing production processes effectively in their units. Incorporating technology into the management process to help businesses manage their production systems more easily and smoothly. In addition, this tool has implemented and unified from the arrangement of inspection, monitoring, ... in the process of managing production activities more conveniently. 

Some of the advantages that Viindoo brings to users are: no upfront costs for users, can be managed directly through a phone or laptop device that can be managed without having to spend extra. costs of hiring technical staff. 

Not only that, the tool is also set up with safety features with big data to facilitate management. 

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Check sheets (check sheets)

Check sheets (check sheets)
Check sheets (check sheets)

The control sheet is considered a storage medium that supports statistical data necessary for enterprises to identify prioritized events. Check sheets can be a form of record of past activities. Normally, control sheets are often used to: check the distribution of data through a production target, confirm work, find out the causes affecting product quality, etc. 

However, collecting these controls makes it easier to track events chronologically or by location.

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Charts (Charts)

The second tool is the chart, which is a drawing to show the correlation relationship between data and quantities. The chart will help managers visualize the data so that you can easily grasp the problem with the naked eye. 

Cause & Effect Diagram

The cause-and-effect diagram is drawn in the form of a fishbone to summarize a list of causes and effects. With the purpose of helping businesses quickly find the causes of problems. Thus, the manager proposes timely measures to prevent and overcome in order to ensure the production management is more quality. 

This is considered one of the production management tools Commonly used press to find the causes and defects in the manufacturing process. The feature of this chart is to help businesses list and classify potential causes, not give us a solution to eliminate them. 

Cause & Effect Diagram
Cause & Effect Diagram

Pareto Chart (Pareto Analysis)

The Pareto charting tool also plays an equally important role in Professional production management tool of the enterprise. Ability to help managers classify the causes that have an important effect on the product. From there, managers know the cause to focus and handle. 

Besides, based on Pareto chart, managers can separate important causes and easily identify and prioritize important issues. Not only that, this chart also helps to evaluate the effectiveness of the improvement,… 

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Histogram (Histogram)

The distribution density chart is considered a fairly simple bar chart that summarizes data points that represent the frequency of events. It is intended to be used to monitor the process distribution of product or process parameters. From there, assess whether the capacity of that process can meet production requirements or not. 

Considered as a bar chart showing the frequency of the problem through the check sheet. 

Scatter Diagram

Scatter plot represents data graphically where the observed values of one variable are plotted against the values of the other, without needing to connect the points together by a line. connect. In addition, this chart helps managers solve problems and determine optimal conditions by quantitatively analyzing the cause-and-effect relationship between these two factors. 

Based on the analysis of the graph can we see how these factors depend on another factor and how much depends on them?

Scatter Diagram
Scatter Diagram

Control Chart (Control Chart)

A control chart is a chart with the limit lines calculated by statistical methods for the purpose of monitoring the fluctuations of the parameters of the quality characteristics of the product, monitoring the changes. production process efficiency to control all abnormal signs when there are signs of going up or down from the chart. 


Thus, the above article has summarized information about top production management tools effective today. If you have a need to use Viindoo management tools, please contact us immediately Johnson's Blog for advice! 


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