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Basic information about production management system that you should master

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Production management is an activity that directly affects revenue and profit, helping businesses operate smoothly as well as develop more sustainably. With such an important nature, many businesses have applied production management system modern. Let's Johnson's Blog Find out in the article below!

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How is the concept of production management system understood?

How is the concept of production management system understood?

First of all, let's understand the concept of production manager what? This is a concept indicating a stage of production and business activities at factories and workshops. 

Therefore, a production management system is one or more closed systems that circulate between different parts of an enterprise. From there, the system performs the task of planning, monitoring the work progress, ensuring the quantity, quality and deadline of goods in the production process. 

How to have an effective and quality production management system

To own an effective and quality management system, the application of technology is certain to happen. It helps the company get a simple, fast solution

Here are some of the benefits and advantages of applying production management software technology

  • One is the optimal management of the entire production area, allowing enterprises to monitor and connect all business operations from simple to complex.
  • Second, production interruptions are almost nonexistent. The reason is because it controls product quality right on the production line, gives warnings if something unusual happens, etc. Since then, businesses will save an additional part of costs due to interruptions caused by interruptions. Candlestick
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How to have an effective and quality production management system
  • Third, the software helps to automate the production management process. The process will become standardized according to international standards, neat, accurate, efficient in operation management

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Some effective production management software 

As we all know, each business has its own production scale as well as different management processes and requirements. Therefore, the application of technology application of each business and organization will also be different.

Therefore, we would like to introduce some technology applications, production management software popular, modern, most popular today

System Viindoo MRP

Flexible platform, ready for expansion and integration with peripheral devices such as production machines, measuring tools, sensors, etc. for manufacturing enterprises.

  • Manage all production resources including machinery and human resources. Set performance time, power and OEE overall performance, operating costs for each resource.
  • Build multi-level Bill of Materials (BoM) to meet many production models from simple to complex.
  • Plan and track production activities
  • Build and optimize inventory planning.
  • Multidimensional and flexible reporting.
  • Use anytime, anywhere, now available on mobile devices.
viindoo mrp . production management system
Viindoo MRP production management system

System ANDON

An outstanding tool with the role of detecting abnormalities in the production process and giving notifications to the person in charge of management. From there, management staff will easily detect errors and take measures to correct them, limiting cost losses as well as affecting product quality.

In addition, ANDON has functions such as providing a simple, synchronized mechanism to make communication easier, encouraging immediate response to anomalies, improving accountability, and improving accountability. High supervisory ability of managers…

ANDON . production management system
ANDON . production management system

For machinery, ANDON helps it prolong the life of the equipment, prevent the occurrence of defective products, assist the manager to know where the abnormality is in the fastest way, etc.

The only disadvantage of ANDON is that it cannot fix errors by itself, it only prompts and reports errors to managers. And it is the managers who will fix and fix that error

System MES

This is a system to help track and record the transition from raw materials, semi-finished products to finished products of manufacturing, assembly, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, etc.

MES allows users to control inputs, personnel, machines, support, etc. of the production process. It also creates a record of data collection, processes and results of the production management process. 

It can be said that this is the best production management system, helping to provide and respond in real time to change requests, reducing waste, remanufacturing, increasing uptime, traceability of products. output, reduce downtime, reduce inventory... In particular, all information is provided at a single source

System Poka-Yoke

This system is quite common in the manufacturing and assembly industry to help prevent errors from occurring at any time. Some common errors such as handling errors, using the wrong tools, setting incorrect parameters or not having enough components when starting assembling, etc.

Poka-Yoke also detects nonconforming items, operational errors as well as errors in adjustment, inspection, the size of a set of parts from the supplier, etc.

With Poka-Yoke production management system, as soon as an error is detected, the system will automatically shut down and give timely warnings. Since then, preventing errors from occurring is extremely effective, helping businesses reduce costs as well as improve products 

Poka-Yoke production management system
Poka-Yoke production management system

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Johnson's Blog Hope you have grasped the basic information of production management system. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.


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