Effective production management method

Production management models are commonly applied in enterprises today

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Production management is an activity that plays a very important role in today's businesses. For factories, this production management activity directly affects revenue and profit, which is also the key to business operation and sustainable development. At the same time, with production models, it will help optimize management to minimize unnecessary risks. Let's be together Johnson's Blog learn about the production management models in the article below.

What is production management?
What is production management?

What is production management?

Production management is a process of production and business activities associated with production areas of: factories, workshops, etc. at enterprises.

This activity will directly participate in planning, monitoring the progress of the production process to ensure that production activities are carried out on schedule and with full processes. Satisfying the requirements of quality goods to consumers on time.

In a nutshell, production management includes activities of planning, implementing production plans, organizing, directing and controlling in the production process.

Production management process in the enterprise

Production management process There are four stages in an enterprise:

  • Assessment of production capacity: This first stage evaluates production capacity to help businesses determine the size of the potential market that needs to be met. From there, draw an assessment, balance the capacity of the business, meet it or not and to what extent?
  • Raw material requirements planning: assessing potential market needs along with hands-on manufacturing experience. The manager needs to make plans for the material requirements needed to carry out the planned production.
Production management process in the enterprise
Production management process in the enterprise
  • Production phase management: The manager's task is to outline the detailed process in the production, follow the process to ensure the strictest and most reasonable level to avoid unnecessary errors. .
  • Product quality management: The product is the face trademark of enterprises, so the role of product quality management is necessary. Product inspection and management reports on the quantity and characteristics of each product according to the standards set at the beginning.

Current popular production management models

We rely on the size and characteristics of each business, but the production management model is also different. Here are some production management models Current popular:

Basic production management model

Management department

This set includes the director, the head - deputy head of the production department, who have the role of the head of production. This department is responsible for making a plan to make the most of the system of machinery and equipment, and allocating human resources to ensure the implementation of production goals.

Current popular production management models
Current popular production management models

In addition, he is also responsible for advising the leadership in production capacity planning, in order to bring about efficient and smooth operation of factories and workshops.

Main production department

This is the department that directly manufactures products, where the raw materials after processing will become the final products and results of the business.

Auxiliary production department

Here is the task of supporting the operation of the main production department continuously, to achieve high efficiency.

Sub-manufacturing department

In this department, waste products from the main production process are often used to create by-products.

Production service department

Here, the supply, storage, transportation of raw materials, finished products, etc. are guaranteed and performed most completely.

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Functional production management model

Management Department of producing

In this department, with activities of production scheduling, production performance analysis, production management, production process planning.

Warehouse management department

This place has the function of managing raw materials, warehouse of finished products and finished products, managing inventory on production stages for businesses.

Statistics and completion
Functional production management model

Quality management department

With the management of input quality, output quality and management in the whole production process. That is the task of this department, where the production process will be operated smoothly and efficiently, avoiding the smallest unnecessary errors.

Equipment maintenance and maintenance department

At the maintenance management department, equipment maintenance will be responsible for the management of equipment records, materials and spare parts. From there, the monitoring of equipment status is planned for maintenance and maintenance.

Overall device performance management unit

At this last department, the productivity and operating efficiency of the machinery and equipment system will be aggregated and measured, thereby determining the effective production time as well as proposing remedial measures. recovery remains.


Through the content of the above article, you must have understood production management modelsThe model has complicated stages that directly affect the long-term development of the business. If you still have any questions, please contact Johnson's Blog right now!

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