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Scientific and effective payroll management

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Payroll Management is a complex job, requiring very high accuracy and security. In order to reduce the burden and pressure from the management of businesses, many services and payroll management software were born. Below article, Johnson's Blog Let's learn about scientific and effective salary management with you!

Salary structure “wide gap”
Payroll management software

Payroll management software

The best way for you to effectively manage your salary is to use Payroll management software. These software are very suitable for businesses, helping businesses set up salary and bonus policies, calculate the salary of employees in each month. 

Payroll management software can also be a small part of human resource management software. The larger the size of the business, the greater the personnel and diversity in work, so payroll management software will also be more necessary. 

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The importance of payroll management software

Salary and bonus management is an important part of employee retention and new hires. By offering competitive and non-monetary benefits, businesses will be able to retain old employees and attract more talent to work. 

One of the most important aspects of salary management is that employee wages must be based on a market-per-employer-provided measure. 

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Parts of data in a payroll management software

What is the salary structure?
Parts of data in a payroll management software

To be Use payroll management software Favorably, the software will have to get the data from another source.

For example, information about personnel from human resource management software, ranks, departments of all employees. From there, it is possible to determine the exact salary of that employee. 

Or the KPI management software will provide the employee's work progress, thereby determining the incentives, bonuses, etc. The data will include: 

HR Data 

HR data will be a very important part of salary management. Personal data will be a very essential part to be able to evaluate and determine the salary that the person receives.

Attendance data

Timekeeping data from the timekeeper will be aggregated by the salary management software. Data on leave and leave will also be analyzed by the machine. Thus, it is possible to determine the salary more accurately and reasonably. 

Data on taxes, compulsory insurance 

To be able to calculate the salary to be paid for each employee, the salary management software will have a calculation formula and combine it with information related to the amounts that must be deducted according to the law on income tax. . 

Easy-to-see, easy-to-use interface
Data on taxes, compulsory insurance

The insurance amounts to be paid will also be fully calculated by the payroll management software.

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Features of payroll management software

Closing the working day 

This feature will be applied if the company uses time-based payment method. Based on the working time in the month, it is possible to give the final salary for that employee.

However, if the salary is paid according to KPI or has a fixed salary, this feature will not apply.

Finalize work results

The employee's performance will be aggregated from the job assignment software and KPI management software, etc. Then the salary management software will calculate and give the most suitable salary, if the employee does well. will be able to receive rewards. 

Make a payroll

This is Features of payroll management software done automatically in the software. The software will store data about payroll and wait for people in charge such as directors, accountants, etc.

Payment of wages

After the salary calculation is completed and approved by the manager or authorized, the salary will be paid to the employee. 

Usually, the salary will be transferred to the employee's bank account after it has been thoroughly confirmed. 

Self-inform employees about the salary received

salary management
Self-inform employees about the salary received

The software will notify the employee in the form of email or text message to let the employee know about the salary received from the position, capacity and working time of that employee. 


Above Johnson's Blog shared with you how salary management most effective and scientific. That is using payroll management software. Hope the above information will be of help to you. If you have any further questions about the business management software Then you can come to Johnson's Blog to get more detailed advice!


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