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Discover the 5M Model in defining enterprise resources

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Currently, more and more businesses are born and operate strongly, in order to be able to stand firmly in the market, in addition to improving the quality of products and services, businesses also need to have a scientific management method. One of the management methods is the 5m model which is the most widely applied. In today's post, Johnson's Blog share for you model 5m in determining corporate resources.

What is the 5m model?

How is the 5m model understood?
How is the 5m model understood?

Model 5m is the definition phrase for the leadership management method applied in today's businesses. This type of model is highly appreciated by experts for its efficiency and stability in the production process and timely response to market demand. Specifically, 5 letters "m" are the beginning of the following 5 words:

  • USAaterial is often understood as input materials and components.
  • USAachine or supporting equipment and machinery.
  • USAethod or the way of doing, manipulating.
  • USAsecurity or the person in charge of the performance.
  • USAeasement or test, evaluation.

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Contents of the model 5m

Material or materials

With any production process, raw materials are indispensable. As an input factor to create products and goods for businesses, this is the first factor to pay attention to. The management of the quantity and quality of raw materials will directly affect the final results obtained by the enterprise. Just a small mistake with the Material will cause the whole chain to stop, even the reputation of the business will go down.

Therefore, the important criteria in check the Material element As follows:

  • Individuals in charge of management and administration work in the production process must carry out thorough inspection activities. Including the quality of raw materials, the quantity is satisfactory or not. In addition, to facilitate the control process, each enterprise needs to set certain standards based on the development situation of the company.
  • If any errors arise during the material inspection step, the person in charge needs to quickly find the source of the error. If it is from the supplier, it is necessary to promptly discuss to improve the quality. In addition, in the event that an error occurs, which greatly affects production activities, the supplier must recall the raw materials and bear all the resulting damages. 

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Machine or machine?

A significant contribution in the success or failure of the product is a factor Machine or machines. The efficient operation of machines will produce better quality products with more quantity. Therefore, businesses that want to increase labor productivity need to upgrade their machinery and equipment. 

The process of checking the standard equipment of the enterprise requires the following criteria:

  • Check that the machine is in stable operation, the features are still fully and accurately met or not.
  • Specify specific requirements to be applied during the inspection of machinery.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out to make sure there are no problems. Avoid letting the problem get worse, causing the overall production cycle to be delayed when it needs to be repaired. 

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Man or performer

Of course, the means of production are important, but the people who use them to create the goods are even more important. If the implementer is not qualified enough, the waste of resources will certainly increase. Therefore, businesses need to have a specific strategy in recruiting and training employees carefully.

Criteria for Man element The operator must have an overview of the operation process and master professional knowledge to handle unexpected cases. In addition, the quality inspection process needs to be carried out regularly through training sessions, training, etc.

Method or way of doing

Methods refer to the procedures, processes, and techniques used to do work in an organization. It includes steps taken to complete tasks, produce goods or services, and achieve specific goals and objectives.

The method component of the 5M model is concerned with defining, developing, and improving the methods used to do work within the organization. This may include identifying best practices, streamlining processes, and continuously improving the methods used to deliver products or services to customers.

With the same resources (including means of production and human resources), the Method element or how it is done will determine which business is more productive. Production according to scientific methods will create an optimal quantity of standard goods and products, minimizing costs.

Criteria to test Method will depend on the conditions of each company. And based on that method, the way production activities will not deviate from the set standards. This minimizes risks and incidents as well as makes good use of resources. 

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Measurement or testing, evaluation

Measurement in the 5M model refers to the methods and tools used to measure and evaluate the performance of an organization or system. This includes figures, KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and others are used to gauge progress and identify areas for improvement.

The measurement component of the 5M model involves identifying and implementing effective methods for measuring and monitoring an organization's performance. This may include tracking key metrics, conducting regular performance reviews, and using data to continuously improve and optimize processes and operations within the organization.

The goal is to ensure that the organization has the information and insight needed to make informed decisions, set realistic goals, and improve performance over time.

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Benefits of the 5m model

The 5M model offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Improve understanding of the organization: The 5M Model provides a comprehensive and systematic framework for analyzing the components of an organization, allowing managers and stakeholders to better understand how the organization is performing.
  • Better resource management: The 5M model provides a structured approach to identifying, sourcing, and managing the resources needed to support processes and operations within an organization.
  • Streamline processes: By breaking down an organization into its component parts and analyzing the methods used to get things done, the 5M model can help organizations identify opportunities to streamline processes and increase quality.
  • Improve the performance: By tracking and measuring key performance indicators, organizations can better understand how they are performing and identify areas for improvement.
  • Make better decisions: The 5M model provides the information and insights needed to make informed decisions, set realistic goals, and allocate resources efficiently.

Overall, the 5M model provides a useful tool for organizations looking to optimize their operations and improve their performance.

Limitations of the 5m model

The 5M Model, like any other framework, has limitations, including:

  • Narrow center of gravity: The 5M model focuses specifically on the components of an organization and may not consider external factors such as the competitive environment, market trends, and regulations.
  • Over-simplification: The 5M model can simplify complex processes and organizations, potentially omitting important details and nuances.
  • Data dependency: The 5M model relies on accurate data and measurements to evaluate performance and may not provide meaningful insights if the data is incomplete, inaccurate, or out of date.


So you just discovered model 5m in the enterprise. Business operations will be more efficient if this type of model is applied. Hopefully the article has provided you with useful information for your study or work. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us Johnson's Blog to get the best answer. 

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