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Learn What is Marketing and Sales management?

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Along with the strong development of digital technology, the fields of marketing or sales management are gradually being valued and attracted a large number of students and workers in this field. If you are interested and in the process of finding out, then let Johnson's Blog In-depth answers about the industry What is marketing and sales management?? through the article below.

Overview of the profession of What is Marketing and Sales management?

First, we will go through the step of learning an overview of what form of business management marketing is and what it is responsible for in a business organization to be able to recognize the nature of this work.

Definition of "Marketing and Sales management"

For those who are active in economic fields, the term Marketing is no longer a strange thing, although not everyone understands the concept of Marketing Sale correctly. 

This is understood as a profession of selling in the market, also known as sales marketing. In addition, this concept also represents the combination of the two aspects of marketing and sales.

Marketing and Sales management form in enterprises is a system of regulations, policies and charters that help orient and control the operation of marketing and sales related activities. For the purpose of increasing profits, sales revenue through marketing. 

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Differences between Marketing and Sales

As many people know, sales and marketing have many similarities and they are often associated with each other, they will interact with each other to help increase the efficiency of work.

 So many people still mistakenly believe that these two things are understood as the same thing. To be able to distinguish them, you first need to understand the exact concept of it. 

Marketing is defined as a way to attract customers' attention, help customers know about the products and services we provide, in order to increase revenue for the company. As for Sale, it will be a direct sales activity through negotiation, persuading customers to accept and trust to buy their products and services. 

Marketing needs to be combined with market research and needs to be creative to be able to come up with effective ideas to help customers know about the product, and with sales, it will be to persuade customers to come to the product. products and services so that they close the purchase. 

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Information about Marketing and Sales management in the business

If you are in need of studying the Marketing and Sales Administration Then the following will be information about a marketing sales manager that you can refer to.

Job opportunities of Marketing and Sales Administration

Marketing sale is currently seen as a promising opportunity and attracts a lot of attention of young people because this is an important position of a business enterprise. However, this is not an easy profession and it requires the manager to have the necessary thinking and creativity to be able to undertake. 

Because this is a new industry and it has quite high requirements for creativity and innovative thinking, the labor market in this industry is always in a state of shortage. 

So if you choose this industry, there will certainly be great opportunities for development in the future when new businesses appear more and more and expand rapidly. 

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Skill requirements for business administration Marketing Sales

To be able to learn and develop a job in Marketing Sales, you need to equip yourself with basic skills such as:

The first will be flexible thinking skills and quick judgment. In order to be able to come up with appropriate development paths, you must think logically as well as judge unexpected problems that may occur to plan a solution to the problem.

The second skill is to know how to satisfy customer needs, you always have to know how to listen to the difficulties and needs of customers so that you can come up with reasonable solutions to solve the problem. Build trust in customers.

The third is the skill of negotiating and persuading customers, maybe through creativity to carry out Marketing activities, but for Sales, you will need more persuasion skills to be able to gain trust from customers. products to help businesses sell products.  

Salary of employees in Marketing Sales management industry

Realizing the importance of labor in the field of business administration Marketing Sales that currently the number of people working in this position is lacking a lot, so businesses often pay quite high salaries from 800 - 2,000 USD for employees. Marketing Sales Manager. Moreover, this job has very good advancement potential if you are qualified, so this salary will not be limited in the future.

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So we've got you covered with industry insights Business Administration What is Marketing Sales, it is considered an industry with great potential in the future that you should consider. If you have any questions about this, you can contact Johnson's Blog information below.


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