Production management process in the enterprise

What is manufacturing order management software?

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Manufacturing order management is a workflow related to tracking the status of an order and performing all the steps to complete order processing, including: picking, packing, shipping. and handle post-sale requests. Today, let's be together Johnson's Blog find out if there are production order management software Who can help with management?

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What is order management software?

What is manufacturing order management software?

Production order management It is never easy when a manager has to coordinate the implementation between many stages and related departments and at the same time ensure the process becomes easy, smooth and efficient. Today, to solve that problem, this software was born, helping to solve all the problems related to order management to suit the form and product of the business.

In general, order management software is the software that optimizes the activities of order creation and order management, helping related departments to smoothly coordinate the work. From there, increase productivity, reduce mistakes, and serve customers better before and after purchase.

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Great benefits of production order software

For the manager

On the part of managers, order management software will help monitor and effectively capture each production situation in the most optimal way. Managers can detect better by regular monitoring, thereby predicting possible situations and providing the best timely solutions. In addition, production order management also supports making appropriate plans so that orders become more efficient.

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For the manager

For employees

Through Optimal production order management, employees will find it easier to arrange tasks. For each task will be completed more efficiently and easily. In particular, the software also supports employees to report to the shop owner the level of job completion accurately, ensuring the interaction between people with the same work.

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Basic features of a software

Production Process Management

This is the basic feature of production order management software. It is the smoothest, smoothest production process management. Users only need to enter order information about quantities, materials as well as notes, the software will help you monitor and control the management of the production process. The stages will be fast, tight and avoid unnecessary risks.

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Management of input materials

Order management software also helps you manage input materials, thereby deciding the output quality of finished products. The software helps to calculate the total number of materials needed to create the corresponding amount of finished products. The production process will not waste raw materials as well as lack of raw materials to minimize costs in the best way.

What is Production Management (QMS)?
Management of input materials

Output product management

The finished product is the determining factor whether it meets the standards in production or not. The resulting software will show the number of products that correspond to the number of materials given earlier. In addition, the software also supports tracking and controlling the quality and quantity of finished products, limiting possible shortages. Moreover, the software also helps to store so that it can be compared and better improve the order management process in the future.

Statistics, reports

Smart production order management software help the store to understand thoroughly and accurately each stage of the order. The software even provides comprehensive reports to help store owners know the quantity of imported and exported goods.

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Some production order management software

There are quite a few options on the market for managing production orders. Some Effective order management software:

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Some production order management software
  • Bravo software: Managers can easily control the supply of raw materials, monitor production progress and monitor multiple jobs at the same time.
  • KiotViet software: Easy-to-use interface, in addition, it also integrates the capabilities to support use on many different devices to help synchronize the supply chain and production process of enterprises.
  • Ecount software: Software that integrates many different functions to support users in activities such as process automation and supply chain synchronization…

Order management software is always a great choice for every business. It will help businesses optimize order management processes, reduce the loss rate. Besides, the software also updates many features to make work easier and more convenient than ever.


Here is an overview of production order management software, hope with useful information to be Johnson's Blog That sharing helps you understand more about this type of software.


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