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What is production management? How to manage a production line 

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Nowadays, how to manage production line plays a very important role in the production units. They can help boost productivity, increase sales, etc. So what is production management? What do they mean and how is management effective? Together Johnson's Blog Find out right through the following article! 

What is Production Management (QMS)?
What is Production Management (QMS)?

What is production management?

Production Management is the process of directly participating in the planning process, monitoring the factory area to ensure that the production process of goods meets factors such as quality - cost. – progress of each business. 

Not only that, this activity also supports businesses to optimize available resources in the area of factories, workshops, etc. inventoryequipment, human resources, ... as well as issues related to the quality of the production process to ensure that all activities are carried out smoothly and with high efficiency. 

Since then, managers have played an important role in organizing, coordinating and monitoring all the activities taking place in the manufacturing plant. This also depends on the production management activities of each enterprise, but the parameters of the factory or workshop will be provided quickly or completely depending on real time or in stages. 

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Meaning of production management

The current, How to manage a professional production line has very important meaning in each business whether small or large scale, such as: 

Meaning of production management
Meaning of production management
  • Production management helps businesses achieve strategic goals by producing goods and services to meet the needs of customers. 
  • The way the production line is managed will help increase the reputation of the business by ensuring that customers are always satisfied with the product when they receive it. 
  • Efficient production line management will ensure that resources are used optimally, with less waste and better products. 
  • Effective production line management also helps customers trust the company's products and goods. Thus, images and values trademark of the business in the eyes of customers is improved day by day. 

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How to manage production lines 

For a business, when using a professional production line management method, the following steps will be ensured. To help businesses solve problems in production activities more easily and efficiently. 

Step 1: Determine production needs 

Production needs should be determined from the production department's plan based on each week/month/quarter/year or according to the company's business plan, the orders placed by the customer. For orders placed by customers, items are likely to change frequently based on demand, so production cannot be planned in advance. 

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Step 2: Make a production plan

Production planning
Production planning

To be able to set up a detailed and effective production plan, businesses need to know information such as sales forecast from the sales department (FC); purchase order (PO); delivery schedule as well as determine the amount of inventory and resources at the factory to plan production. 

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Step 3: Schedule detailed production

Production line managers need to draw up a detailed plan for the production of products and goods on the lines. 

Step 4: Issue the Work Order

In this step, production requirements will be allocated to each stage/team/conversion line to proceed with production. Assign by machine, fish, when will the work order be executed 

Step 5: Statistical, complete and close the work order

At this stage, production managers need to have detailed statistics including the following: 

  • Quantity of products, scraps and materials used
  • Re-enter the amount of leftover ingredients 
  • Complete and progress to closing work order notification

After each work order is completed, the manager needs to summarize, check, and close to confirm completion. 

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Viindoo production line management software

Viindoo production line management software
Viindoo production line management software

Currently, most small or large enterprises are applying smart and modern software to assist in the management of production activities of enterprises. Viindoo ERP production management software supports businesses to consolidate and integrate operations to operate and plan enterprise resources more smoothly. 

Not only that, ERP production management software It is also considered an effective solution to support businesses with clear orientation, saving research time, etc. When using software production line management At the unit, you will have a team of management experts accompanying you on the path of digital transformation, limiting risks and helping your business grow step by step compared to competitors. You can contact us through the following information for more detailed advice.


The above article has provided detailed information about production management as well as how to manage production line professional that you should care about. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately Johnson's Blog for support! 


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