Head of HR Job

The Head of HR Job in the organization

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For a business to operate effectively, there must be good coordination between different departments. In particular, the human resources department makes a significant contribution in allocating and training human resources. Therefore, the person in charge of the HR department has an important role. In this article, to Johnson's Blog tell you the Head of HR Job What is in the organization?

What is called the head of HR? 

What is called the head of HR? 
What is called the head of HR? 

In the human resources department, the head of the department is the person holding the highest position, responsible for managing all the work of the department, promoting the activities of other departments and the leadership in matters related to human resources. If in the past many people thought that the human resources department was only responsible for recruiting and managing personnel records, now it is not only that. They have to plan HR strategies, supervise and closely check the activities of employees as well as train, allocate human resources and many other tasks.

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What is the job of the Human Resources Manager?

As shared, the person in charge of the position HR Manager will have to do a lot of different tasks. This requires them to have strategic thinking on human resources as well as high expertise in training, allocating human resources and establishing and developing relationships with employees.

What is the job of the HR manager?
What does the HR Manager do?

Formulate a human resource development strategy

In small and medium-sized organizations, where there is no Human Resources Director, the head of human resources department is the person who makes the strategic plan for human resource development, including the skills required of an organization, recruiting people. enough skills to meet the operational needs of the organization as well as training, retention and layoff plans, etc.

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Training Employees

Mission Training Employees This is one of the main jobs of the HR manager. Specifically, they will do the target orientation for the upcoming recruitment round or train and improve the expertise of employees in the field in what form, when. This depends on evaluating the survey results periodically to have a training strategy to ensure financial security for businesses.

In addition, the head of human resources is also the person who checks the employee's performance records. Thereby, they can determine what is good, what is not good to improve, training skills. Next is to outline a development or succession strategy so that in the future the business will operate more strongly and successfully. 

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Recruiting and recruiting new people

Of course, when it comes to personnel, work cannot be ignored recruitment and selection of new employees. As business activities grow, they will want to expand more to achieve big goals. Therefore, the admission of new employees is inevitable. At this time, the person working as the head of the human resources department will have a very important role to play based on the market and company situation to come up with appropriate solutions and strategies for recruiting employees.

In addition, they are also directly involved in the selection process to find people with talents and abilities that match the requirements and criteria of the vacancy. And the success or failure of the leader is determined by the number of vacancies, the recruitment time for that position is how long. 

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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management

If a business wants to thrive, it must have a competent staff. Grasping that factor, the head of the human resources department was assigned maintain human resources for the unit. Not only that, they also have to know how to arrange and allocate so that they can maximize each person's potential, and have forms of personnel transfer to discover new factors. Thanks to that, in the event that there is a sudden vacancy in need of a replacement, the head of the human resources department also anticipates and fills it in time.

In addition, the management also complies with the regulations and laws in the company. Of course, these documents will be given by the head of the human resources department based on the corporate culture. Thereby, the activities and routines of employees are better controlled and more standardized.

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Compensation policy management

If there is a contribution, there must also be a reward. This not only encourages employees to give their best at work, but also creates a healthy corporate culture. The person holding the position of head of human resources department will approve the statistics table, evaluate the employees to work with the accountant, decide on the appropriate remuneration policy. On the other hand, they are also the ones who directly manage and implement the regimes prescribed by the State such as holidays, childbirth, etc.

Responsibilities of a person as head of human resources

Responsibilities of a person as head of human resources
Responsibilities of a person as head of human resources

In general, the leader will be the one who gives instructions, directions, and assignments, but at the same time, they are also the person who is most responsible for the employee's activities. Accordingly, the head of human resources department will be responsible for supervising all employees under his department. Besides, they are also the ones who control and ensure that the human resources working in the company are used optimally.

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Thus, to talk about the Head of HR Job What needs to be done are: human resource strategy, human resource management, overall planning evaluation, development and management of the selection process, compensation policy. All contribute to making the business operate efficiently and grow quickly. Hope that Johnson's Blog This article gives you the most overview of the position of HR manager.


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