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TOP 6 free ERP software in Vietnam

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Nowadays, ERP software seems to have become an important tool for every business. In order to support the departments to work effectively in the accounting, human resources and business activities, etc Johnson's Blog TOP 6 attendance free ERP software in Vietnam, let's discover it now! 

What is ERP software?

What is ERP software?
What is ERP software?

ERP software is also abbreviated from . Enterprise Resource Planning, is enterprise resource planning software. In addition, ERP is also considered as a unified management software and tracks all activities from customer care, production to distribution and consumption of goods of an enterprise. 

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TOP 6 free ERP software in Vietnam

Currently, most businesses, large or small, want to apply ERP software to support business operations as well as management at the unit. Here are the Top 6 free ERP software trusted by many people. 

Business Administration Software Viindoo

Business management software Viindoo
Business management software Viindoo

Viindoo is one of the software that many businesses choose to manage their businesses today. The combination of technology into the management process helps businesses manage the system more smoothly and easily. The work is unified from the arrangement of operations, timekeeping, recruitment, sales management ... in the enterprise anytime, anywhere. 

The outstanding advantages of Viindoo are chosen by many business administrators:

  • There is no investment cost to buy technology.
  • Failing to build an in-house operational technical team; They can be easily managed and monitored on a tablet, phone or laptop.
  • Provides real-time real-time inspection and results for individual jobs.
  • Secure and safe, easy data storage.
  • A single platform is used consistently by all businesses.
  • Objectives, tactics and results are evaluated accurately and fairly.
  • Encourage peak productivity of work output.
  • Support employees in achieving high performance of shared goals.
  • Intelligent, multi-dimensional, personalized reporting.

>>>Download the free Viindoo software source code – Community version at: Github

Free ERP Software OpenBravo

Free ERP Software OpenBravo
OpenBravo Software

OpenBravo software is rated by users as one of the best ERP management software available today. With an open source system available for download on Sourceforge. This is a system that supports fast loading speed, is easy to use and is used by many businesses and organizations in their work. 

This software is capable of running on any web browser. With the system developed based on a flexible workflow in managing the management and operating activities of a specific unit. 

OpenBravo will let customers use it for free for a short time and sell in options that users will have to pay monthly. License for use can be individual or organization with limited or unlimited number of users. 

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OpenERP . Software

OpenERP ERP management software aims to help businesses build with open source systems. This software helps organizations and businesses to manage specifically such as: sales management, sales locations, warehouses, accounting department management, projects, customer management, human resources, etc. 

OpenERP software you can download and install for free, but you have to pay a monthly fee. Besides, you also get free upgrade support, quality maintenance mode. 

Free ERP Software Odoo

Free ERP Software Odoo
Odoo Software

Using this Odoo management software helps organizations and businesses conveniently monitor and adjust production activities, human resources, accounting, .. Enterprises can exploit and use with the solution. overall hawjc divides individual groups depending on the intended use of each unit. Therefore, Odoo is highly appreciated by many businesses and organizations and becomes Free business management software best today. 

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Opentaps . Software

Business management software Opentaps is known for short from Open Source Enterprise Application. This is an open source ERP suite that integrates with CRM software provided by Open Source Strategies, Inc. This software is suitable for all types ecommerce, investment management, finance, ... 

This open source ERP software is equipped with an intelligent reporting system that makes it easy for users to access the system via their mobile phone. In addition, they are very effective for retailers and provide specialized design tools to increase conversion rates when selling.

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ERP Software Fast Business Online

Fast Business Online ERP software is considered a pioneering solution in Vietnam implemented on different web platforms from FAST Software Company. Owning 11 major modules to support the comprehensive management of the business from purchasing, sales, distribution, warehouse, finance and accounting, production, human resources,... Especially people Users can work on web-based, mobile web and mobile apps. 

Currently, the software has been used by more than 1,300 medium and large customers worldwide. 

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The above article has summarized the contents of TOP 6 Free business management ERP software in Vietnam that you are interested in.  Johnson's Blog Hope the above information will help you. Thanks for following this post!


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