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Things to know about food production management

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The food processing industry is currently developing very strongly, it has many characteristics such as seasonality, product expiry date, changing user needs... Therefore, it requires processing enterprises. Turning food needs to have solutions for food production management effectively and comprehensively. Let's Johnson's Blog Learn about the benefits as well as how to effectively manage food.

Some benefits from managing food production
Some benefits from managing food production

Some benefits from managing food production

Food production management is the optimal solution to manage and control, thereby improving production efficiency as well as the quality of products of food suppliers and processors. When a business does a good job production manager, it will bring some of the following benefits.

Improve production efficiency

The production efficiency of the unit will be better improved when using a production management solution:

  • Ensuring traceability of the entire production process, starting from input materials to the final product.
  • Analyze the entire production operation so that efficiency in production can be improved.
  • Manage expiration time as well as product quality.
  • Manage inventory by using multiple measurement systems.
  • Calculate profit and loss very accurately.

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Effective quality control

Food quality is always a top priority in food production and processing. With good quality control, businesses can solve a number of problems such as:

Effective quality control
Effective quality control
  • Quality check is for each production batch, each specific item.
  • Build a quality check process for each item.
  • Update, compare standards to approve or reject materials of that product.

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Monitor and control inventory 

Management of food production and processing helps businesses to analyze and understand market trends and needs, thereby meeting the needs of customers in the best way while ensuring reserves for customers. inventory at a minimum.

Update, control information accurately and quickly

All departments and divisions can access and understand production data and information at all times to help monitor and check the entire production system accurately and easily. easy. 

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Elements to create good food production

Here are some factors that a food production manager should have and master when monitoring and supervising the production process at a food processing plant.

Production planning

Production planning is the task of determining what activities will take place. Real-time production scheduling elements and due dates of tasks to use chronological order and display them with due dates. 

Production planning
Production planning

Reasonable production planning is capable of ensuring smooth production activities. The ability to adapt well to changes, such as material shortages, is an important part of a production schedule and it should be emphasized.

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Monitor and track the production process

Production monitoring responsibilities include all tasks discussed in production planning or project planning activities. Production manager Not only must they know about each job being completed on schedule, but they also need to troubleshoot when any problems occur. 

Quality control

Product quality is extremely important as it is the main factor determining the successful production or not. In order to maintain quality control, it is the responsibility of the manager to monitor each stage of production to ensure that the product is always produced to the correct standards. If a problem occurs, the manager should immediately take the necessary measures so that it can be remedied while eliminating any defective products.

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Guaranteed safety

The safety and health of workers and consumers is always considered the most important task as well as the greatest responsibility of food producers. The production manager is responsible for ensuring that health and safety regulations are met to protect customers from contaminated food, and to establish a safe working environment for employees.

Equipment maintenance

Over time maintenance can be a factor that makes the difference in ensuring that goals are met and OEE is also maximized.

Equipment maintenance
Equipment maintenance


Attracting and retaining skilled and qualified workers is more difficult than ever for food manufacturing businesses. To ensure that a manufacturing business is fully staffed with a highly trained and productive workforce, they need a full-time job.

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Here is all the useful information about food production management that we bring to you, if you have any questions, please contact us immediately Johnson's Blog to get the best response support.


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