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What is the field of corporate governance and effective management methods?

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The field of corporate governance in English is Administration sector, in an enterprise it will be understood as administrative activities arranged to manage a certain part of the enterprise. So what are the details of the field of corporate governance? How to manage effectively, let's Johnson's Blog Find out below the following article.

Details of the field of business administration

Details of the field of corporate governance
Details about the field of management - corporate governance

Management field in business simply understood as the administrative activities that a person will be assigned to a suitable part of the business. In this department, there will be one or several commanders and are involved in making administrative decisions.

Characteristics of the form and number of administrative organizations will depend on the size of each unit, in addition to the business line and a few other factors.

The field of corporate governance is often considered and evaluated by practical management ability. They are administrative activities that are designed to set up departments that need organizational nature such as departments, and will also be decentralized in decision-making activities for governance.

The field of governance will be determined by many factors such as: social factors, economic mechanisms of enterprises, management traditions, or the size and technical characteristics of each type of enterprise.

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The connection of the field of governance with the administrative function

The connection of the field of governance with the administrative function
The connection of the field of governance with the administrative function

If the functions of corporate governance As an activity of a management process, in the fields of management, it is an organization to carry out specific businesses, which is associated with the business journey of each enterprise.

On the other hand, all functions of management will be determined by the principle properties, while the field of management will be closely tied to the operating conditions of each enterprise.

Divide the areas of management in an enterprise:

– Finance and accounting field

– The field of materials

- Marketing field

- Manufacturing sector

- HR field

- Legal administration field

– Field of organization and information

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What is the purpose of the division of the field of corporate governance?

What is the purpose of the division of corporate governance?
What is the purpose of the division of corporate governance?

First, it will help to point out all the areas that businesses need to organize to implement governance, this is also an important basic basis for establishing a complete operating apparatus for the business. corporate governance.

Clearly classifying the management areas will help the operation process to be suitable for the business situation of the enterprise. In addition, it is also the basis for arranging recruitment and using effective managers.

Clearly classifying the field of governance is also a basis in analyzing and evaluating the operation ability of the overall management apparatus, individual responsibility regimes will also be implemented and create favorable conditions for management. manage corporate governance across the enterprise.

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The 4Ps method in corporate governance helps to achieve high efficiency 

Methods of business administration 4Ps have long been applied to management jobs, they include 4 elements: 1- People (people), 2- Purpose (Purpose), 3- Process (Process), finally 4 - Performance (performance). 

1. People – people

People or personnel play a central role in any organization. In the field of corporate governance, people are the most important thing and need the most attention. 

Machines don't need management, but people are different - regardless of position, level, employee or leader, customer or partner, or even founders with interns. All employees will have to be placed under the common management system of the enterprise to be effective.

To be able to make a decision in business management, you need to consider the human factor as a goal to be able to accurately identify the goal to be directed to, how to operate and the steps to take. present, then it is also necessary to use the human standard to make accurate judgments about governance. 

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2. Purpose - Purpose

Every plan with any action must have a clear goal to aim for. In the management of the enterprise, the activity of determining the right operational goals is extremely important and necessary. Only then will your plan be unified and the management will also have a clear implementation orientation.

3. Process – Process

After you have clearly defined the purpose, let's implement administrative activities through a specific process to achieve the set purpose. Corporate governance is also not simply putting in place a process, but it also needs to carefully monitor and monitor this process. Process adjustments or modifications can be made when problems or inaccuracies are discovered.

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4. Performance – Performance 

Performance will be the most intuitive thing to evaluate an enterprise's governance process to see if it is effective. Therefore, the work of analyzing and evaluating management performance is a very important activity in this field. 

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Here are some sharing about field of corporate governance and methods to make governance more effective. Looking forward to your post Johnson's Blog It will help you understand more about management work in today's businesses.


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