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In the current 4.0 era, mastering the knowledge of digital transformation not only helps you improve your own knowledge, but it also helps a lot in your future work. To access the most official source of information, you should read books on digital transformation. In the article below, Johnson's Blog I will recommend you some books digital conversion book Best read!

Why do we need to know the knowledge related to digital transformation?
Why do we need to know the knowledge related to digital transformation?

Why do we need knowledge related to digital transformation?

Firstly, in the era of the internet developing like a storm, everyone is talking about digital transformation, cloud computing, etc., but few people can understand it well. Therefore, cultivating knowledge of digital transformation will be absolutely necessary. In particular, it will help you improve your understanding in the future, reducing lag.

Secondly, most of the current occupations from healthcare, education, finance - banking, agriculture, agriculture, transportation, energy, natural resources - environment, industrial production, etc. are encouraged to apply digital transformation.

So, if you work in any field, the possibility that you have to approach the digital transformation process is inevitable. 

digital transformation book - the purpose of business digital transformation
Purpose of business digital transformation

Thirdly, the survey of VINASA in 2020 showed that up to 92% businesses surveyed did not know how to convert digitally, 72% did not know from which activities to start digital transformation and 69% did not know how to choose. choose which partner to deploy.

From this situation, if you have a good understanding of digital transformation, your income level and job opportunities will be enhanced.

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Some typical books on digital transformation

Book "Digital War"
Book "Digital War"

Book "Digital War"

The book is written by Charles Arthur - a freelance technology reporter for The Guardian newspaper and many other newspapers, etc. He has researched about the three most famous giants today such as Microsoft, Apple and Google. In addition, throughout the article, there will be more confessions from employees working in the 3 companies above.

From there, readers will easily visualize and compare the strategies of each company. The book will have its own stories. All for the sake of fighting for control over every aspect of the digital world.

By the time all three companies entered the fray, one of them was a company in its golden age slowly fading into the past, and the other was a leader in computers and business. And a fledgling business, starting with 2 heads and a bunch of computer components but successfully built its own empire.

The last part of the book focuses on each company's exploration of the rapidly growing Chinese market. Here, all three giants not only compete with each other but also have to confront Chinese domestic companies and Chinese government policies. From there, the changes in the solution of each company will be different, in order to maintain its position in the market.

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Book "Vietnam in the digital transformation era"

Book "Vietnam in the digital transformation era"
Book "Vietnam in the digital transformation era"

Coil Vietnam in the era of digital transformation are the enthusiastic sharing of THINK TANK VINASA group on the way to find the answer to the question "what to do so as not to miss the opportunity to develop as well as firmly move forward in the new era" 

When reading the book, you will have access to knowledge about the urgent problems Vietnam faces in the digital transformation, focusing on the following groups:

  • Develop smart and secure digital infrastructure to facilitate digital transformation and create a new environment for people
  • Focus on artificial intelligence to implement the 4.0 revolution
  • In order for Vietnam to keep pace with the development of the times, it is imperative to accelerate the development of the digital economy
  • Cultural and social issues in the era of digital transformation
  • Building smart cities to improve the quality of life
  • Digital human resources and innovation ability
  • promote start-ups, institutional reform and digital transformation practices in businesses

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Book "Business Reform in the Digital Age"

The book was written by David L Rogers and translated by Pham Anh Tuan. If possible, you should read the original completely in English to understand the problem that Roger raised. With translation, although this book does not translate very closely, it can still help Vietnamese readers grasp the most core ideas.

The book provides you with a road map that every executive should refer to. Because if you don't participate in the transition, it will still happen. Transforming businesses in the digital age is not just about applying technology, it's also about strategy and changing new ways of thinking.

Book "Business Reform in the Digital Age"
Book "Business Reform in the Digital Age"

At the same time, the book will reflect a reality about the changing role of technology leadership in business, raising awareness, not improving the quality of infrastructure.

And this is also the first book that shows the approach to transforming a traditional business from before the internet development era, into a thriving business in the current 4.0 era.

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Please refer and read the book on digital transformation but Johnson's Blog mentioned above to improve your understanding.


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