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Top 5 best business management books

Corporate governance is an issue that any manager needs to understand, understand and know how to do, this is crucial to the success of each business. Below, Johnson's Blog would like to present the top 5 best business management books...

What is a Canvas Business Model (part 2)

In the previous article, we learned what the Canvas Business Model is, Johnson's Blog helps you continue to learn how to apply it in practice as well as how to test, value proposition, .. in the article. What is the Canvas Business Model (part 2) below. …

What is Canvas Business Model?

The Canvas Business Model (BMC) is a value framework used in a wide variety of organizations of all sizes around the world. With a simple and flexible application, you can generate a larger revenue stream, improve your existing business, and more.

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Who is an ERP implementation consultant?

ERP implementation consultants, who are they? Clear and specific definitions are essential so that when businesses implement ERP projects, businesses will accurately grasp what they do, advise as well as the skills they need...