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What is the business strategy model? How to design a business model?

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Business strategy model It is an indispensable part of the development of any business or company. However, choosing the right business model with the right resources and conditions is not an easy thing, especially for individuals who are just starting a business. Therefore, today's post of Johnson's Blog will bring useful information to help you have a more specific view on this issue.

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What is a strategic business model?

What is a strategic business model?

Simple, business strategy model can be understood as the core strategy of the company to bring profit in operation. In other words, businesses need to determine the product or service they want to do business (including customer market, expected fees, advertising strategy, ...).

Business model plays an extremely important role for any business activity from simple to complex. It helps new individuals to quickly attract investment capital, creating motivation for all employees in different departments.

For businesses that have been in the market for many years, business models help them identify trends, capitalize on opportunities, and address both current and future constraints.

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The relationship between business model and business development

The business strategy model determines the development direction of the business now and in the future. Most importantly, it helps businesses optimize resources, allocate for each specific goal and best plan for possible future situations.

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The relationship between business model and business development

Besides, thanks to the business model, businesses can accurately predict the revenue they will receive each month. This will give you a better overview of the current strengths and weaknesses in the company.

A business model is considered the most perfect when it meets the criteria of distinctiveness and uniqueness. However, in order to do this, it is also necessary to consider feasibility. Therefore, this is always a dilemma that managers must study carefully to make the most effective decision. 

Thus, the business model plays a decisive role in determining the success or failure of the business operation of the enterprise. Thanks to it, managers will come up with how the business works to help the business earn the best profit. 

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What does it take to design a business strategy model?

First, you need to define your purpose model selection is:

  • Establishing a chain of links in all activities in a stable and sustainable manner.
  • Target long-term value to the business for the same market, niche or industry.

Thus, the value proposition is considered an extremely important first step towards the goal set out from the beginning. This is also a commitment that the administrator makes to other participants and partners. When designing a business strategy model, the following factors should be considered:

Specific business plan

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Specific business plan

Business plan is a draft given after thorough research on the market and customer trends to guide the development of the business. Based on this, managers will focus on allocating resources to achieve the desired results in a pre-determined time.

And most of all, it is also the basis for businesses to make the most general assessment of their business activities and outline more promising goals in the future. 

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Growth market share matrix

The growth market share matrix is built with the purpose for businesses to determine the appropriate market share growth strategy for their operations. As a result, they can specifically analyze the growth product.

In addition, the business strategy requires how to strengthen and maintain the activities that support the company's most popular products. On the contrary, managers also rely on this to make decisions to cut resources if the current product has a low growth rate, and the market is less attractive. 

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Growth line

The growth line graphically shows both the revenue growth process and is shown specifically for each time period. Determining the type of growth will assist managers in establishing a mathematical model and predicting future sales.

Growth line
Growth line

However, this is also relative because of the constant change of the external environment. In particular, the growth line also helps businesses determine the right time to launch new products and promote promotion strategies. 

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Business strategy model is a basic model that helps you form strategic thinking to apply to your own business model. Stay tuned Johnson's Blog for more latest information. 


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