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Business Administration Course is a bedside book for those who want to be CEOs in the future. A highly qualified manager can give precise and specific directions, avoid the most mistakes in the process of implementing the plan, and help the business to reach its goals as quickly as possible. Any business today will welcome qualified managers. So if you have an orientation in this path, it is best to cultivate it from the time you are in school. In particular, a companion – corporate governance textbook – will support you best. Together Johnson's Blog Learn more about this book!  

A little bit about corporate governance

Corporate governance can be understood as a system of regulations and principles created for businesses to easily operate and control their activities. More fundamentally, corporate governance will be how to balance the interests of stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, management, government and the community.

In addition, corporate governance also has the role of making regulations to achieve goals for the company, including managing all related areas such as implementation plans, internal control processes or measurement. measure performance and inform company information.

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What is Business Administration Course?

The Corporate Governance Textbook is an in-depth teaching and learning material on how to manage a business. It covers business-related topics ranging from financial management, human resources, production, marketing and international business.

This course helps students and management professionals understand the important aspects of running a business, and develop the skills needed to make the best business decisions. .

In addition, the Corporate Governance curriculum also helps students and professionals develop leadership, communication, critical thinking and creative skills to succeed in management careers.

What is the importance of the Corporate Governance Textbook?

The Corporate Governance curriculum is important because it provides learners with the knowledge and skills needed to manage a successful business. Here are the importance of this course:

  • Provide in-depth knowledge of business administration: The Corporate Governance curriculum helps learners in-depth understanding of important aspects of business management, from financial management, human resources, production, marketing to strategic management and international business.
  • Leadership Development: This course helps learners develop leadership skills such as planning, organizing, running and monitoring business activities.
  • Improve management skills: The Business Administration curriculum helps learners develop management skills such as time management, financial management, human resource management and project management.
  • Develop critical and creative thinking: This course encourages learners to think creatively, come up with different solutions to problems and encourage them to become business contributors.
  • Meeting the needs of the labor market: The Business Administration curriculum helps learners meet the labor market needs in the field of business administration, helping them find better jobs and develop their careers.

The Business Administration curriculum plays a very important role in developing learners' management knowledge and skills, helping them to become successful managers in the business field.

Top quality business management textbooks

Recently, you have better understand the concept corporate governance as well as what a manager needs. It is also the knowledge provided in full and in detail in the management textbook. Here are the top official textbooks, which are widely used.

Textbook by Ngo Kim Thanh and Le Van Tam co-editors

The textbook is co-edited by Ngo Kim Thanh and Le Van Tam of the National Economics University Publishing House. The National Economics School is considered as one of the spearhead universities for economic majors such as: marketing, administration, logistics... so the books here are the results of a thorough research process. 

This Corporate Governance textbook is based on the valuable documents and experiences of leading experts in the field of corporate governance, combined with the latest research and best practices in the business market. Karma. This makes the curriculum highly applicable, helping students and professionals to be equipped with basic and in-depth knowledge of corporate governance.

In addition, the curriculum is also designed with many exercises, questions and real-life cases to help students and experts apply the knowledge learned in practice. This makes learning and research more interesting and engaging for students and professionals.

For the head business administration books, This book will provide you with essential information for the management and utilization of resources in your business. 211 pages are divided into 7 chapters with the following main content:

  • Chapter 1 – An Introduction to Business: in this chapter, you will better understand what corporate governance is, the stages of its development, and the perspectives and schools applied in this discipline. . 
  • Chapter 2 – Managers, functions and areas of corporate governance: in this chapter, you will learn more specifically about the relationship between managers and management levels and the functions and areas of management. in the operation of each business.
  • Chapter 3 – Organizational structure of corporate governance: Chapter 3 will provide information on the operating structure and organization of the corporate governance apparatus.
  • Chapter 4 – Business Director: study chapter 4, you will better understand what a business director needs? How to build a dynamic and adaptive new team of directors.

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Can Tho University's curriculum

The corporate governance curriculum of Can Tho University is a leading training program in the field of business administration in Vietnam. The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become talented and innovative managers in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Can Tho University's corporate governance program has a 4-year training period with many important subjects such as financial management, human resource management, production management, marketing management and strategic management. In addition, students are also trained in soft skills such as communication skills, leadership skills and problem solving skills.

The curriculum is designed using an active learning approach, including activities such as lectures, group discussions, hands-on exercises, practical sessions, and independent research. In particular, students also have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities and practice at leading enterprises to practice practical skills and create access to the real business environment.

After completing the business administration program at Can Tho University, students will have the opportunity to become experts in the field of business administration, work at large and small enterprises, or continue their studies. in graduate programs to advance their careers.

With a thickness of 175 pages including 8 chapters, the book provides a lot of useful knowledge for readers. Going from general to specific, we will understand the concept of an enterprise, how does an enterprise work? What are the problems that arise inside and outside the business? 

After understanding the concepts and things surrounding a business, you will delve deeper into how to manage marketing, costs, human resources, supply and many other contents in business operations.

Moreover, at the end of each chapter, the author mentions more review questions for you to consolidate the knowledge you have just learned, thereby better understanding to apply in practice later.

Textbook compiled by Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc and Le Thi Thanh Huong

The corporate governance textbook is co-edited by Master Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc and Master Le Thi Thanh Huong, owned by the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City. It is no stranger to the top big school in Vietnam, the school has more than 60 years of establishment and development. 

The corporate governance textbook Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc and Le Thi Thanh Huong covers basic management topics such as financial management, human resource management, production management, marketing management, strategic management and international business administration. Besides, the textbook also provides readers with the latest knowledge on project management and social responsibility management, in line with the development trend of the current business administration industry.

Each topic in the textbook is presented in detail, easy to understand and has many practical examples, making it easy for readers to apply in business practice. In addition, the curriculum also includes many exercises, questions and exam questions to help learners self-test and consolidate knowledge.

For the corporate governance textbook, you will be studied in depth what is corporate governance. Specifically, the concept, functions, and culture of the business. After better understanding the business and its activities, you will be provided with the necessary theories for management work such as quality management, financial management, etc.

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Above is information related to business administration textbook but Johnson's Blog Share with your readers. Wish you success in your work, gain more knowledge to develop and advance greatly in the future.

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