Why study business administration?

What are Business Administration Excercises?

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In the period of economic integration, majoring in business administration is of great interest to many students, especially when studying economics at universities and colleges. So the capture of content business administration exercises This will help them pass the exams as well as apply them in practice. Johnson's Blog Share information related to the corporate governance course curriculum in today's article column.

Financial control
Concept of business management

Concept of business management 

This is one of the systematic networks including many policies, laws and principles applied to run and manage businesses in the most effective way. Corporate governance also related to the balance of interests among related parties such as buyers, distributors or shareholders. 

A student majoring in business administration will learn and practice many exercises to equip them with practical working skills such as how to set up a strategy or run a popular business model today. 

When being intensively trained in business management, students will experience the business administration course curriculum along with exercises with solutions. 

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Types of exercises with solutions 

The corporate governance exercises in the textbook will be compiled based on the understanding of corporate governance documents of countries with growing economies or leading universities in our country. 

After solving the exercise, Students will learn how to manage human resources in enterprises, manage costs, how to set policies, corporate finance and decision-making. 

Objectives of the business administration course
Types of business administration exercises with solutions

The subject of corporate governance will provide students with basic knowledge of management theory and operations in accordance with the market mechanism under the management of the state. Each exercise in the textbook will help students gain an overview of business administration and the duties of a business administrator. 

At the same time, students will also grasp the basics of corporate governance, cost management and human resource management, how to manage supply to achieve economic efficiency in production, business and trade. of the enterprise. 

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Instructions on how to solve exercises

For this type of exercise students need to point out weaknesses in the corporate governance system and make appropriate recommendations. 

They need to briefly present 2 ideas: an analysis of the weaknesses in the system and a recommendation for improvement for each. 

How to do exercises on business administration

Students need to do the test according to 3 main contents to suggest how to approach the outline and explain in detail so that the examiner can grasp the explanation in the content of the test. 

Objectives of corporate governance
How to do exercises on business administration

Step 1: Identify weaknesses in corporate governance in two divisions, the board of directors and the audit committee. The students need to present their weaknesses in corporate governance based on the information in the question paper.

Step 2: Determine how corporate governance should follow the structure or international practices. 

Step 3: The students make their own recommendations to overcome weaknesses in corporate governance.

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Instructions for making essays on business administration

For Weaknesses in corporate governance As chairman of the board of directors is responsible for communicating with shareholders and answering their questions. Because the responsibility of the whole board, not the chairman alone. 

Business Administration Exercises - Business Administration Concepts
Instructions for making essays on business administration

Therefore, it is recommended to provide a solution that all members of the Board of Directors can participate in the dialogue with the Shareholders' Council. Especially, non-executive members of the Board of Directors must help shareholders understand more about the company in annual reports. 

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