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Kick theory

The Nudge Theory

Nudge theory, also known as nudge, is a concept derived from behavioral economics and psychology. It is an approach to influence and change human behavior in a positive way, without relying on coercion or law...

Lewin's change management model

Lewin's Change Management Model

Organizational growth depends heavily on the ability to successfully navigate change. Even so, many employees tend to resist change and prefer to maintain the status quo. Change management models were developed to help guide the…

Google AI: Bard AI & ChatGPT

Google AI: Bard AI | Bard AI & ChatGPT

Google recently developed a new language model called “Bard” that aims to enhance the natural language processing capabilities of its search engine. This is part of Google's ongoing efforts to improve the AI-powered search experience...

What is B2C Marketing?

B2C Marketing: Definition and Strategy

B2C Marketing is about making sure your business sells to consumers through the channels they are most likely to use. This type of marketing involves forming relationships with consumers and selling products or services to them. House's …

Net income

Net Income: Definition and Explanation

Net income can be used to calculate a company's profitability and evaluate a company's ability to pay dividends or repurchase shares. It can also be important in determining whether a company is eligible for support…

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS): What you need to know

In business, cost of goods sold (COGS) is one of the most important expenses a company must track. Cost of goods represents the total cost of materials and labor used to produce inventory. When assessing profits and losses, it is important…