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What does attendance software do for businesses?

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Many businesses struggle with low employee productivity levels. Low employee productivity is often due to frequent absences from work. To increase worker productivity, it is necessary to find ways to reduce absenteeism. One way to reduce absenteeism is to use attendance software. This paragraph Johnson's Blog will explain what the software is, discuss its benefits, and outline how it can help businesses manage absenteeism.

What is attendance software?
What is attendance software?

What is attendance software?

Time management is important in every organization. Managers use the time to evaluate workers and plan jobs. Workers use the time to complete their daily work. Time tracking is easier with the help of technology. There are many programs to help you keep track of your time. These include handwritten notes, electronic time cards, computer software, and digital clocks. Each type of tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here is some information about this software.

Timekeeping software is a system used through computers and mobile devices to record the entry or exit of employees in the enterprise. Time attendance software supports working time management for managers by providing clear and specific data.

If it was in the past, managers would control employees through time books, excel timekeeping, magnetic cards, etc., but this is not entirely accurate and time consuming to synthesize. 

The 3 most popular types of timekeeping software today can be mentioned: 

  • Software on the computer that connects to the machine data Fingerprinting
  • Data connection software with smart camera time attendance. 
  • Time attendance application integrated on phones, computers, time attendance via face recognition.

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Timekeeping problems when businesses expand

The more employees, the more difficult it is to manage

According to statistics, companies with 50 or more employees, the management of shift and timekeeping will be much more complicated. As a result, the human resources department will spend more time arranging shifts for groups, calculating wages and salaries every month.

The more employees, the more difficult it is to manage
The more employees, the more difficult it is to manage

Even, manual timekeeping management may cause some situations to arise such as disputes when timekeeping is lacking, making mistakes or making payslips with problems.

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Employees often move to work

Employees in the delivery, technical or customer support departments often have to move to different places to handle problems at branches as well as find more customers. This makes it difficult for HR managers to control the presence in the company. To be able to manage closely, human resource managers must update work records regularly.

Great benefits that timekeeping software brings

The positive points of this software for businesses can be:

  • Strengthen time management, the number of in/out of employees.
  • Manage employees' leave and absences.
  • Fair and transparent in timekeeping and salary payment.
  • Avoid the case of timekeepers, forging timekeeping.
  • Some software has additional utilities to automate the payroll, aggregate statistics to calculate salaries for employees, saving a lot of time for managers.
  • Create a professional and equal working environment for employees.
  • Digital timekeeping helps keep records accurate and organized. It's also much easier to track down erroneous employees who may have sent the wrong time cards. From there, disciplinary measures can be taken if deemed necessary.

This software has many useful applications in daily life. It is especially useful in organizations where managers need reliable records of workers' hours worked, or where workers need accurate records of their tasks and performance metrics.

The criteria for evaluating the quality of timekeeping software

One Standard attendance software will meet the following six criteria:

The criteria for evaluating the quality of timekeeping software
Criteria for quality assessment

Overcoming the disadvantages of old timekeeping forms

The types of timekeeping by card or paper have a huge disadvantage that employees must always remember to carry the card and the process of redoing the card if lost also takes time. As for the fingerprint timekeeping form, it will not be flexible, the machine must check regularly to receive a sensitive fingerprint. Therefore, to be worthy of being the optimal solution for time attendance in enterprises, time attendance software must ensure flexibility and accuracy, ensuring that timekeeping can still be performed through smart devices.

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Continuously update employee status 

For large-scale enterprises with more than 50 employees, the process of controlling and reporting is much more difficult. However, with time and attendance software, managers can identify specific shifts, where they are, and what to do for each employee. Moreover, the software also presents the complete schedule of each employee.

Diversify the forms of timekeeping

A quality software will provide employees with many forms of time attendance, bringing the most convenience. Employees can time attendance via wifi, GPS location, QR code or directly link with timekeeping in the company.

Data control

Data on the frequency and duration of employees is very important, especially in the process of calculating wages. Therefore, the time attendance software is installed with an additional mechanism to store and secure each employee's personal information. Moreover, the data must be arranged scientifically, making it easy for managers to look up information when needed.

Data control
Data control

Combined with other HR management features

To increase the convenience of the software, the manufacturer will install other human resource management features, not only timekeeping. These can be mentioned as automatic salary calculation, shift management, KPI assessment, etc.

No manager technical requirements

The free time attendance software works very easily, even managers without technical knowledge can still use it. This helps small and medium-sized businesses save quite a bit on the cost of renting IT staff or servers.


Here is an article about attendance software but Johnson's Blog would like to introduce to you. Do not forget to update more useful information about corporate governance through the next articles on our blog!


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