Sun Tzu's tactics: 09 strategies to help businesses win

Applying Sun Tzu's tactics in business and 09 strategies to win

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With the rapid development of today's commerce, the business market has become more and more fragmented, therefore, in order to survive, you need to study business strategy. When it comes to strategies, no one in business does not know strategies Applying Sun Tzu's tactics in business. Let's Johnson's Blog Find out through the article below!

What is the martial art of Sun Tzu?

What is the martial art of Sun Tzu?
What is the martial art of Sun Tzu?

Origin of Sun Tzu's martial art

The Art of War is a book of military tactics written by Ton Vu in the Spring and Autumn period more than 2,500 years ago. This is known as one of the world's leading military books in the military doctrine of the East.

Specifically, Sun Tzu's Art of War includes 13 chapters with more than 6,000 words that discuss aspects of war from generalization to conclusion. The martial art of Sun Tzu was born and has had a long life up to the present time.

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The essence of Sun Tzu's tactics

In terms of the essence of Sun Tzu's strategy, it is about winning with the least cost and effort, in which the book outlines plans, actions and attacks. To put it simply, Sun Tzu's tactics are the art of strategy and processing science, namely, grasping current problems and solutions to create new opportunities.

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09 Strategies, 36 Strategies, Military Strategy of Sun Tzu

09 Strategies, 36 Strategies, Military Strategy of Sun Tzu
09 Strategies, 36 Strategies, Military Strategy of Sun Tzu

Today, the strategy of Sun Tzu still has its own values that few people expect, especially in running a business in the most effective and successful way, winning many opponents before the competition. fierceness of the market. Here are the How to apply Sun Tzu's tactics in business? that you can refer to.

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Talent is the key to victory

The martial art of Sun Tzu is very respectful of talented people, considering this to be the decisive factor for the success or failure of a war. The requirements are very high for the generals to ensure ingenuity, prestige, benevolence, courage. strictness.

This idea applies to modern competition which is the knowledge economy, undeniably, competition in business is the battle of smart people, of talented people, knowledge is the key to success. win.

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The battle for modern business information

In the military strategy Sun Tzu mentioned the importance of spies in war or we often call knowing the enemy and knowing us.

The battle for modern business information
The battle for modern business information

In today's economy with deep globalization and more and more connected businesses, information is the core factor to win the competition. At the very least, it is necessary to know the information and characteristics of the competitors as well as keep the business secrets of your business.

Review the situation and follow the trend

Chapter 5 of the tactics of Sun Tzu mentioned that a good commander must know how to create opportunities, take advantage of the situation to bring about glorious victories.

This applies to business owners today, specifically requiring you to be observant, aware of the situation, quick to respond to market changes to take advantage of favorable opportunities to bring your business to life. growth and avoid rejection.

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Competition must be flexible and creative

The martial art of Sun Tzu also refers to flexibility in marching and fighting, the most taboo thing in war is rigid rules.

For startups, the market, competitors and everything changes over time, so we must learn to be flexible in thinking, ready to innovate to break through.

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Good cooperation for mutual benefit

Synergy is one of the main ideas of Sun Tzu's tactics.

This idea needs to be applied in business competition, when you find your strength is not enough, you can cooperate with others to make up for your shortcomings.

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Surprise attack is the trump card to victory

Applying Sun Tzu's tactics in business - A surprise attack is the trump card for victory
Surprise attack is the trump card to victory

According to Sun Tzu, it is easy for us to gain the upper hand when attacking battles when the enemy is not in a prepared state.

This mindset has created inspiration for businesses in business competition, promoting new ideas that dare to make new moves, especially when they are in a weak position.

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Focus on heart and mind, win customers

The book has shown that the highest state of war is defeating the enemy with human heart, making the enemy submit to his heart.

For example, a very famous quote that speaks to the importance of understanding customer psychology to gain the upper hand over competitors is "I know I know I've won a hundred battles“.

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The military strategy Sun Tzu has affirmed that the side with the more united will will win the attacks, so is the current business start-up, when everyone has teamwork and solidarity, the work will be successful. will be highly effective.

How to mentally connect employees from top to bottom is a difficult problem that many businesses are very interested in today.

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Plan carefully

Strategy is the key factor that helps people increase their chances of victory, this is the highlight of Sun Tzu's military thinking, namely the emphasis on preparation for war. For business people who need to pay attention to business planning, those who are not well prepared will definitely be eliminated.

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Here is some information about Applying Sun Tzu's tactics in business but Johnson's Blog would like to introduce to you. Do not forget to update more useful information about corporate governance through our next articles.


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