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business management models

3 popular business management models today

All businesses, regardless of industry, must have specific organizational and management characteristics. It is possible that each business will have the same or different management form, but they all have in common that they must be set out clearly...

business administration

What does Business Administration do?

Currently, when people's intellectual level is increasing, people tend to develop in the direction of management. In which the business administration major is the top priority for students. So what does corporate governance do and why should…

Business management analysis

Learn What is Marketing and Sales management?

Along with the strong development of digital technology, the fields of marketing or sales management are gradually being valued and attracted a large number of students and workers in this field. If you are interested and in the process of learning, then let…

Business management analysis

Analysis of corporate governance functions

Corporate governance is not a strange phrase in the present time when the economy is developing strongly, businesses are growing up a lot. However, a business that wants to operate and survive for a long time cannot be without a system...

competency framework

What is the Professional Skills Competency Framework?

The professional competency framework is built on the standards of SFIA 7, with reference to The Open Group Certified IT Specialist (Open CITS) Program Conformance Requirements and IBM Worldwide IT Specialist Career Development and Qualification Guide (IBM), applicable in Digital era. Johnson's Blog will share details to help…